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 LGBTQ Studies Department 


LGBTQ Studies


  SDSU is the second college in the United States to have a major in LGBTQ Studies and SDSU has been a top LGBTQ-friendy campus multiple years in a row.  The interdisciplinary major in LGBTQ Studies advances knowledge in sexual and gender identity, and increases understanding of the diverse cultural, historical, ethnic/racial, and contemporary experiences of people across sexualities. The focus is on the changing nature of same-sex desire, sexual behavior, and same-sex relationships from antiquity to the present. Courses focus on emerging LGBTQ subcultures and identities from a global perspective. From there, courses address scientific and psychological explanations of LGBTQ identities, LGBTQ literature, the institutions of law and government, education and the workplace, family, healthcare, local and international LGBTQ movements, popular culture, and news media in the current day. Throughout the program of study, we will carefully consider the full range of genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, classes, physical abilities, religions, and political persuasions that characterize current LGBTQ movements and communities. 



Women's Studies Department 


Women's Studies


  In the Fall of 1970 SDSU became the first university in the United States to create and implement a Women's Studies program/department.  Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and transnational discipline rooted in feminist theory and shaped by the social sciences, humanities and natural sciences, as well as movements for social justice. It places women's lives at the center of its attention, examining the experience of women through the lens of gender, and attending to ways gender intersects with other social categories such as race, class, nationality/ethnicity and sexuality. Women's Studies challenges patriarchal norms that subordinate women in many spheres of endeavor.