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Monday, December 10, 2018

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The Brave Project is a new certification program that provides comprehensive training on sexual violence. The Brave Project is a new certification program that provides comprehensive training on sexual violence.

Women’s Resource Center Offers New Support

The Women’s Resource Center is implementing a new certification program called The Brave Project.
By Katie Stanchis

2016 is a big year for the Women’s Resource Center (WRC). Not only have they started a new residential learning community, the Women’s and Gender Equity House (WAGE House), but they have also implemented a new certification program called The Brave Project.

The WAGE House is a residential learning community open to first-year students interested in feminism, gender equity, and social change. The cohort enrolls in a common set of classes through the WRC, typically Women’s Studies 102 and a University Seminar. All 30 WAGE House participants live in Zura Hall.

WRC Coordinator, Jessica Nare, said the purpose of the WAGE House is to connect like-minded students and help them build a meaningful sense of community.

Different departments on campus - including Health Promotion, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Career Services - visit the WAGE House to help connect the students to resources. Various speakers from student organizations also visit to discuss leadership roles and their experiences on campus.

“We want to connect students in the WAGE House with resources on campus and the San Diego community," Nare said. "Whether it’s getting them involved in some local activism, mentorship, or programs and events on campus, we’re really excited to be embarking on this new adventure."

The WAGE House is not the only adventure the WRC is embarking on this year. For the first time ever, the center will be hosting a program called The Brave Project. Participants will receive a certificate showing they are competent in policies relating to sexual violence. The seminar is open to all members of the SDSU community.

“The Brave Project is an initiative that provides comprehensive training on sexual violence," Nare said. “The goals are to provide increased education on issues relating to not only sexual and interpersonal violence, but transparency around some of the systems that are involved as well.”

Organizations from across campus will present during The Brave Project sessions.

Representatives from the SDSU Title IX office will explain California State University policies pertaining to sexual misconduct and the way the university investigates these cases.

Counseling and Psychological Services of SDSU will be teaching attendees how to use a "trauma informed lens," which is an approach that gives people the tools to understand the social, physical, and emotional impact of trauma on victims.

The Health Promotion Department will provide techniques on exercising affirmative consent and intervening in order to prevent sexual violence from happening.

The WRC will examine how sexual assault cases can impact one’s identity, as well as how gender, race, sexual orientation, and other characteristics are related to sexual assault.

SDSU’s sexual assault detective will discuss how criminal investigations of sexual assault cases take place. The presentation will cover the process of pressing charges through the criminal justice system, as well as the related penal codes.

The WRC, SDSU's sexual assault victim advocate, and various student organizations will also bring in speakers who inspire social change and strive for a world free of sexual violence. Participating organizations include The Andrea O’ Donnell Womyn’s Outreach Association and Aztecs for Awareness.

“There is a lot of shame and stigma associated with sexual violence,” Nare said. “Through The Brave Project, we hope to move toward a campus culture that is really courageous, willing, and able to take on some of these tough issues.”

The Brave Project is offering several upcoming two-day sessions. The sessions will be held Sept. 26-27 and Nov. 14-15 from 4:30-8 p.m. Participants must be present both days of the session they are enrolled in to receive the certificate.

Registration is available on the Women’s Resource Center webpage or through this link.