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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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The Kings of the Craft crew. The Kings of the Craft crew.

TFM Meets San Diego Craft Beer

SDSU alumni create a new six-part series to join KPBS’ Explore San Diego lineup.
By SDSU News Team

One thing the San Diego State University community is known for is its School of Theatre, Television and Film.

One thing the San Diego community is known for is craft beer.

When you put those two things together, you get Kings of the Craft.

This KPBS program will introduce audiences to the unique people and businesses behind San Diego’s microbrew boom.

The program was selected from more than 43 entries in the KPBS Explore local programming contest, an annual competition to increase local and diverse content, and will air Thursday nights starting in May 2015 as part of the Explore lineup.

Past Aztecs, future endeavors

The film will be produced, directed and edited by Reanne DuPont, Eduardo Castro Fonseca, Ben Moxley and Steven Moyer, all of whom are graduates of SDSU’s School of Theatre, Television and Film.

DuPont has produced several films, including Of Beaches and Beer, the pilot for Kings of the Craft. Fonseca was born and raised in Portugal before moving to the United Kingdom to pursue media studies. He holds a master’s degree from SDSU and has worked for the BBC, New Line Cinema, SIC and KPBS.

Moxley recently won an Emmy Award for directing Of Beaches & Beer. In addition to Kings of the Craft, Moxley is working on two pilot TV shows. Moyer (Cinematographer/Editor) is an Emmy and Silver Telly Award winning editor and freelance cinematographer. He has six years of experience in post-production and a background in photography, music and design.

The series will build on the pilot’s success, showcasing the brew “kings” in pursuit of their craft. Among the breweries featured are Stone Brewing Company, Ballast Point and Coronado Brewery.

Craft beer craze

San Diego’s craft beer industry is exploding with more than 80 local breweries seeking to quench beer drinkers’ thirst for quality and originality. Kings of the Craft reveals how ordinary people are revolutionizing the beer industry.

“What the brewers have accomplished and cultivated in San Diego is nothing short of amazing,” Moyer said. “They’ve built this supportive ecosystem that opens everyone in the business up to all sorts of creative and exciting ideas.”

“Kings of the Craft was selected because it captures the pride and dedication employed by every brew master in San Diego,” said John Decker, KPBS director of programming. “San Diego is a craft city. This series will tell the unusual story of how the local microbrew industry has become so successful.”