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Friday, October 19, 2018

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Student President's Award winners. (Photo courtesy of Frank Villalpando) Student President's Award winners. (Photo courtesy of Frank Villalpando)

Student Research Symposium Winners

The 2013 Student Research Symposium featured novel SDSU faculty and student findings across various disciplines.
By Natalia Van Stralen

More than 450 graduate and undergraduate students across 80 majors and disciplines showcased their original research, scholarship projects or creative activities as part of the San Diego State University Student Research Symposium.

The sixth annual event took place March 8-9 in the Love Library. Scholarships and awards given at the symposium help to promote and support student research at SDSU.

Ten President’s Awards were given to oral presenters, recognized with a $500 award for outstanding achievement in original scholarship:

Kayli Dalton, exercise physiology and nutritional sciences master's student
Mentor: Professor Susan Levy
Research: “Testing the Role of Physical Acceptance in the Exercise and Self-Esteem Model in College Students”

Laura Frutos, psychology undergraduate
Mentor: Visiting Research Scholar Ann Lam
Research: “Is X-ray Florescence Imaging, a Valid Measure in Examining Differences in the Metal Concentrations of Postmortem and Resected Brain Tissue?”

Jill Gorrie, musical theatre master's student
Mentor: Professor Rick Simas
Research: “Evolution of the Role of Dance Captain in Musical Theatre Productions”

Trevor Gregg, astronomy undergraduate
Mentor: Professor William Welsh
Research: “The syzygy of KIC 4150611”

Kristi Hendrickson, speech, language, and hearing sciences doctoral student
Mentor: Professor Margaret Friend
Research: “You can look but don't touch:” The real-time dynamics between infant visual and haptic behavior”

Brandon Kim, biology doctoral student
Mentor: Professor Kelly Doran
Research: “Regulation of Tight Junction Complexes in Brain Endothelium by the Meningeal Pathogen, Group B Streptococcus”

Sarah Kirtland, kinesiology: rehabilitation science master's student
Mentor: Professor Daniel Goble
Research: “Impaired balance control in Autism Spectrum Disorders is correlated with neuropsychological measures of symptom severity”

Katy Patras, biology doctoral student
Mentor: Professor Kelly Doran
Research: “A novel C5a-derived immunobiotic peptide promotes pathogen clearance in vivo through targeted bacterial killing”

Courtney Harmon, art, graphic design master’s student
Mentor: Professor Arzu Ozkal
Research: “Toying with Stereotypes: Designing Alternatives to Polarized Representations of Gender Roles in Toys”

Joshua A. Stutz, philosophy undergraduate
Mentor: Professor Steven Barbone
Research: “Marriage’s Institutional Gender Bias and The Same-Sex Marriage Debate”

Eight of the ten Presidential Award winners will go on to represent SDSU at the CSU Student Research Competition in May.

Two other symposium winners will serve as SDSU representatives at the CSU competition:

Beth Bollinger, communication master's student
Mentor: Professor Brian Spitzberg
Research: “The Effects of a Supporter's Retelling of a Rape Victim's Disclosure”

Alterra Sanchez, biology undergraduate
Mentor: Professor Kevin Hovel
Research: “Eelgrass Habitat Loss And Biodiversity: Structural Complexity Modifies Effects Of Disturbance On Epifauna”

Click here to see a full list of all of the symposium awardees.

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