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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Greg Talavera, M.D. Greg Talavera, M.D.

A Prescription for Healthy Families

Greg Talavera leads one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of Latino health.

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Greg Talavera’s activist roots grew strong in the fertile soil of California’s Central Valley. The youngest of three sons born to Mexican-American parents in Los Angeles, As a teen, Talavera worked alongside his older brother to educate and organize farm workers.

Years later, Talavera continues to educate the economically disadvantaged as a medical doctor and public health practitioner.

A 1991 alumnus of SDSU’s Graduate School of Public Health, he is now one of the school’s most prolific faculty-researchers and a member of IBACH, an SDSU center for integrated research on problems that intersect the disciplines of public health, psychology, sociology and exercise and nutritional sciences.

Talavera’s research has been funded with $13.6 million from the National Institutes of Health. Currently, his Chula Vista clinic is among four research centers selected to lead a potentially life-changing NIH study of Hispanic health. While the other participants study the Cuban, Puerto Rican and Central/South American populations, Talavera assesses the prevalence of and risk factors for chronic illness in Mexican-Americans living in San Diego County’s South Bay.

“The Centers for Disease Control recently published results showing that Hispanics live longer than any other minority group in the U.S., and our study will help explain those results,” Talavera said. “We hope our research will lead to a number of insights that maintain the health of this population in the coming decades.”

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