Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Dwayne Roach
SDSU Appoints Conrad Prebys Chair in Virology
Manuel Gonzales IV with CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White in the background (Credit: CSU)
Higher Education and a Higher Purpose
SDSU biologist Rebecca Lewison and senior research scientist Megan Jennings lead the grant-funded project.
SDSU Awarded Competitive Grant for Climate Change Research
Faramarz Valafar
SDSU Researcher Works to Combat Drug Resistance
The project is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Gay, Transgender Identity May Begin Early
SDSU student Julia Moluf conducting research with preschoolers this summer.
Undergraduates Encouraged to Consider Research
A teenager looking at their smartphone
Today’s Teens Increasingly Disconnected from Books, TV, Movies
Researchers in SDSU
SDSU Nets $135 Million in Grant Funding for 2017-18
Rosey platform
Artificial Intelligence Meets Education at SDSU
SDSU psychology professor Jennifer Thomas
Research to Reverse Alcohol’s Effects on the Young Brain
A wolf
A Blossoming Collaboration
The website introduces several online resources for students interested in getting involved in research.
SDSU Introduces New Research Website