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Conflict of Interest in Research

The Conflict of Interest policies of the University serve as a guide to faculty and other employees with principal responsibility for research projects conducted at San Diego State University. The policies also establish procedures for compliance with State and Federal requirements for review and oversight of research.

The Conflict of Interest Committee evaluates research when an investigator discloses a significant financial interest that may influence his/her institutional responsibilities or the conduct of the research activity. The Committee determines what, if any, conditions or restrictions should be imposed on the investigator or research protocol in order to manage, reduce or eliminate such conflicts of interest.


New Conflict of Interest Citi Training

Effective November 1, 2015, CITI financial conflict of interest training will be replacing the current SDSU training and be the only accepted training certificate for new and continuing investigators. 


*Investigators are expected to transition over to CITI training at the time their current SDSU financial conflict of interest training certificate expires.* 

PHS Funded Research

New federal regulations regarding financial conflicts of interest have just been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, and govern research funded by the Public Health Service (PHS). These changes will have an impact on both PIs and the institution, and the Division of Research Affairs, the SDSU Conflict of Interest Committee, faculty, and the Foundation have worked together to revise SDSU’s conflict of interest policy for PHS funded research, and to revise the financial interests disclosure form.

Our new policy and those forms:

Just a quick reminder that if you are receiving or have applied to receive PHS (NIH) funds, you still need to register for an upcoming Conflict of Interest training. This is a new training that is being required by PHS. Please remember that if you do not complete the training by December 15, 2012, PHS may delay the release of funding on your grant. If you do not have any active PHS agency grants/projects but have a proposal pending, you are welcome to attend one of the training so that there will be no delay in the event that the proposal is funded.

For more information about the revised PHS regulations visit this site:

NIH also offers a table summarizing the significant changes between the prior 1995 regulation and the new 2011 regulation.

NSF Funded Research

NSF has not revised their conflict of interest guidelines though we have made a few changes to the SDSU policy governing NSF research.

The policy and disclosure forms:

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For More Information

Please direct all inquiries to the Division of Research Affairs at, or (619) 594-5938.