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Media Relations

Media Relations

Submitting Your News and Story Ideas

San Diego State University Marketing and Communications produces several high visibility print and online products used to communicate with the campus community, news media and other audiences.

We welcome submissions from students, faculty, staff and alumni for distribution to the general and specialized audiences via our products, including the SDSU home page, SDSU NewsCenter and affiliated e-newsletters, and 360 Magazine.

To help streamline collecting and distributing your news, please read the following guidelines.

Where to submit items

Submit news items using the below form. This places your idea in a electronic inbox where the team will review your submission. A response to your submission could take up to one week.

If you have an item specifically for publication in 360 Magazine, send it to the SDSU Publications Editor, Coleen Geraghty, for review.

If your school or college, department or program has its own communicator on staff, please contact him or her first. Several of these individuals have established working relationships with the SDSU Marketing and Communications team and should be your initial point of contact when you have news or story ideas to share.

To promote an on-campus event, simply gather finalized details (event title, date, time, location, admission cost, contact information, etc.) and submit to the SDSU Events Calendar at least six to eight weeks before the event.

FAQs: Submitting Story Ideas

[+] What makes a good story?
[+] What types of stories are less likely to be accepted?
[+] What format works best?
[+] How much information should I submit?
[+] What are the most common mistakes in submitted items?
[+] When is the deadline to submit?
[+] Do you use submitted photographs?
Contact Information for Media Relations:

Christine Hutchins
Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications and Chief Communications Officer
phone (619) 594-2176

La Monica Everett-Haynes
Director of Media Relations
phone (619) 594-0232

Cory Marshall
Media Relations Officer
phone (619) 594-0279