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San Diego State University

SDSU College of Education

About the College of Education

The College of Education continues to maintain a standard of excellence it has demonstrated for its over 100 years of service. The College truly “makes a difference in the lives of the people it serves.” 

Our commitment is to prepare teachers, school administrators, counselors, community college faculty and leaders, performance improvement/technology professionals, and community service professionals to provide the highest quality learning environments to ensure student and client success and achievement through our teaching, research, and service.

The following represent priority focus areas which we identify to have the greatest potential to “make a difference” in fulfilling our commitments: 

  • Closing the Achievement Gaps in all areas of performance through multi-disciplinary, integrated, and cross departmental/cross university initiatives
  • Provide the highest quality clinically-based preparation programs focused around 21st century skills
  • Sustain and continue development of a culture of inquiry, scholarships, and continuous improvement
  • Develop and nurture globally aware, multi-culturally competent faculty, staff, and students
  • Engage meaningfully and productively in our communities whether local, state, regional, national, or international 

The College of Education is currently engaged in Academic Planning that promises to transform how we conduct our work. Specifically, we endeavor to transform our practice in the establishment of: 

  1. Common foundations that establishes and support the COE “brand”
  2. Core essential knowledge within and across disciplines
  3. Interdisciplinary focus through the scope and sequence of all our programs
  4. Clinically-based Practices throughout preparation in coursework, laboratory-based experiences, and in school-embedded practice
  5. A college structure that supports the new direction of the COE and is focused on the effectiveness of our graduates, best practices, and preparation program performance to support continuous improvement