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San Diego State University

Joint PhD Program in Education

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Last Name First Name Degree Awarded Dissertation Title
Aceves Edward May-97 An Analysis of a Bilingual Program Continuum:  Tensions of Theory and Practice
Adrian Loretta May-04 Asian American Leaders in Higher Education:  An Exploration of a Dynamic Constructivist Approach to Leadership
Aguilar Mario May-09 The Rituals of Kindness: The Influence of the Danza Azteca Tradition of  Central Mexico on Chicano-Mexcoehuani Identity and Sacred Space
Ahern-Lehmann Cheryl May-00 Clinical Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Students: Articulating the Wisdom of Expert Faculty
Alexandrowicz Viviana May-96 Teacher Training:  Effectiveness of Bilingual Teacher Education Programs in California
Alfaro Cristina Sep-03 Transforming Teacher Education:  International-Biliteracy Teacher Education Program
Allen Bobbie May-98 ASL-English Bilingual-Bicultural Early Childhood Classroom: Deaf Children and the Families' Perspectives
Alvarez Doris Jan-91 School Imagery:  Views from Pluralistic Constituencies
Anderson Patricia May-85 The Finance of Research in Private Universities by the Private Sector
Annicharico Joseph May-91 Analysis of Allocated Learning Time for Mainstreamed Handicapped Students
Appenzeller Elizabeth Jan-98 Transition to College: An Assessment of the Adjustment Process for At-Risk College Students
Ashton-Coombs Tamarah May-97 A Qualitative Analysis of the Influences of Word Processing on the Editing and Revising Strategies of Students with Learning Disabilities
Aurilio Suzanne Jan-10 Learning in the Wild of the Virtual World
Ayala Emiliano May-00 Hispanic Family Involvement in Special Education: "You Only Visit the Cactus when It's Bearing Fruit"
Babb Jing May-08 Multicultural Identity Formation through the Eyes of First Generation Taiwanese-American Immigrants: An Exploratory Study
Bachofer Karen Jan-93 Hidden Messages:  Student Perceptions of Teacher Expectation Communication
Barr Rebecca May-95 Identity Status and Career Decision in Diverse Populations:  A Study of Community College Students
Belker-Kubli June May-82 A Descriptive Analysis of the Evaluation Practices of Faculty Development Programs in the California Public Institutions of Higher Education
Benitez-Sanchez Alejandro Jan-95 The Presuppositions of Educational Theory
Blair Billie May-83 A Study of Organizational Change Process:  The AGP Decision of San Diego Unified School District as It Affects a Low-Income School & It's Students' Behavior
Block Nicole Jan-09 A Study of a Response to Intervention Model for Urban Sixth Grade: Analyzing Reading, Language, and Learning Differences in Tier 1 and Tier 2
Bowles Philip May-97 Professors Collaborating Across Disciplines at a Small Comprehensive Southwestern College:  Attitudes and Experiences, Impact on Individuals and the Faculty Culture, and the Institutional Role
Exploring the Long-term Benefits from Peer Tutoring High School Students with Significant Disabilities
Buck Carolyn Jan-03 Does Where They Start Matter?  A Comparative Analysis of Doctoral Recipients Who Started In A Two Versus A Four-Year Institution
Buell Lupe May-02 Institutional, Sociocultural, and Resiliency Factors in the Success of First, Second, and Third Generation Latina Leaders in Education.
Burckett-Picker Jenifer Jan-86 Second Language Teaching:  An Exploratory Study on the Effectiveness of Three Approaches
Butler Byrd Nola May-04 Cultivating Hearts that Yearn for Transformative Social Justice:  The Impact of Experiential Multicultural Education on Graduate-Level Counseling Students
Butte (Polk) Halimah May-00 Approaches to the Development of Student Talent: A Cross-Cultural Case Study of Three Schools in Developing Countries
Cabello Arturo May-99 Attitudes of General, Bilingual/ESL, and Special Education Teachers Toward the Inclusion of Students with Learning Disabilities Who Are Also English Language Learners
Cadiero-Kaplan Karen May-01 Literacy Ideology and Practice: Teachers' Beliefs and Practices for English Language Learners at the Secondary Level
Calderon Margarita Jan-84 Training Bilingual Trainers: An Ethnographic Study of Coaching and Its Impact on the Transfer of Training 
Callahan Evette Baiocco May-11 Giving Voice to Parents: The Power of Few- An Exploratory CAse Study of Urban School District
Calvet Darla May-05 From Road Scholars to Road Warriors:  A Study of Leadership Profiles of Part-Time Faculty Union Activists
Carstens Linda May-93 Equity as an Emerging Issue in Assessment
Elementary Student's Perceptions of Identity and Belongingness in Dual-Language and English-only Programs 
Castanos Janet Jan-98 Understanding the Nature and Potential of Educational Organizations: A Formational Paradigm


Mae May-13 Linguistically Disenfranchised Students: Systemic Silencing within the Academic World and Counter Narratives of Possibilities 
Chen Sun-I May-97 Towards Deconstructing Academic Writing in Light of Two Epistemologies
Cheng Li-Rong Jan-84 An Ethnographic Study of Language Impaired Preschoolers Using a Naturalistic Instrument
Cherry David May-87 Student Perceptions and Their Relationship to Teacher Behaviors and Student Achievements
Chiero Robin Jan-98 Teachers' Professional Uses of Computers and Perceptions of Their Value for Work Productivity
Chu Shu-Ching Sep-03 English Teacher Education Programs:  Taiwanese Student Teachers' and Classroom Teacher's View on Their Preparation
Ciborowski Jean Jan-86 An Examination of Interests among Achieving and Underachieving Adolescents
Clayton Sarah May-93 Language Policy and Equal Status:  A Change from Monolingualism to Bilingualism in a Small District in California
Collins-Park Tamara Jan-06 Stone's Information Strategies As Micropolitics: A Socio-Ecology of Stakeholder Political Agency in the Implementation of Post-Proposition 2227 Language Policies
Corak Kathleen May-90 Governance Models at Work on the Campus:  Goal-Setting and Decision-Making in 'Joint Big Decisions Committees'
Corke Michael May-08 The Role of Diversity in Peer Mentoring Dyads: A Mixed Methods Approach
Cortese Antonella Jan-03 Teacher's Self-Knowlede of Their Personal And Professional Epistemologies as Seen Through the Teaching of Writing
Davies Toni May-98 Managerial and Organizational Equity Characteristics as Determinants of Organizational Change
Dell Susan May-95 The Effects of the Inclusion of Two Students with Deaf-Blindness on the School Community
Di Lella Joseph May-95 Language Policy and Our Public Schools: Assessing the Adoption, Implementation and Incorporation Change Agent Process in Bilingual Bicultural Education Programs Funded under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act 
Dinucci Jane May-97 Science Reform Movements and Their Effects on Teachers' Knowledge, Curriculum Development and Instruction
Do Vy May-94 Characteristics of Vietnamese Students in Community Colleges:  A Case Study
Dolan Thomas May-10 Youth Organizing for Education Reform: A Case Study
Doyle Dennis May-94 Choice, Politics and Public Schools:  A Case Study of the California Proposition 174 Voucher Campaigns
El Kazimi Said May-08 Identity and Societal Integration: Exploratory Study of Muslim Immigrants in the United States (Please contact the department)
Emerson Larry May-03

Hozhn Nahazdlii:  Towards a Practice of Dine Decolonization (Please contact the department)

English Kristina May-93 The Role of Support Services in the Integration and Retention of College Students Who Are Hearing-Impaired
Erickson Paul Jan-00 A Comparison of Functional Context and Traditional Methods of English Language Learning
FalveyErin Jan-11 The Experiences of Legally Married Same-Sex Couples in California 
Faris-Cole Debbie May-02 Emotional Disturbance and Educational Practice
Farnan Nancy May-88 Reading and Response Effects of a Prompted Approach to Literature
Favela Alejandra May-04 Educational Border Crossers:  Valuing Immigrant Students and Teaching with Ideological Clarity
Figueroa Daphne May-98 Predicting Student Success in General Chemistry
Fisher Douglas Jan-96 Organizational Climate, Typical Student Attitudes, and Parent Satisfaction:  A Study of a Traditional and an Inclusive High School
Frey Nancy Jan-03 The Gift of Time:  Providing Literacy Support To First Grade Struggling Readers in an Urban Professional Development School
Fulcher Joe Jan-03 The Racial and Ethnic Identity of Prospective and Experienced Special and General Education Teachers
Garlow Katheryn May-01 English as a Second Language: Academic Credit in the California Community Colleges
Gerena Linda May-02 Promoting Language Transformation and Policy Reform in Education through Two- Way Immersion: A Conceptual Framework
Goldfarb Lynne May-05 Transforming a Community College Class into a Democratic Experience:  A Case Study Reuniting Education and Democracy
Gomez  Guillermo May-14 

Towards Understanding the Intercultural Relations of African Americans and Latinos: Tensions and Opportunities for Collaboration 

Gomez Mariana May-13 Embracing Culture in the Classroom: A Mixed-Methods Study of Educator Culturally Proficient Practices
Gonzalez Gustavo May-11 Language Policy & Access for English Learners: Pedagogy, Curriculum & Accountability
Goss Moore Kelly May-04 Diagnosing Students' Reading Strengths and Needs and Planning their Subsequent Differentiated Instruction:  A Comparative Analysis of Teachers' Performance
Goycochea Bonnell May-00 College Prep Mathematics in Secondary Schools: Access Denied
Gray Penny May-05 Good to Great:  A Qualitative Study of School Principals Who Made the Leap
Green Crystal May-04 Self-Assessment:  An Empowerment Model for Refugee Health Programs
Hansen Virginia May-97 Voices of Latina Administrators in Higher Education:  Salient Factors in Achieving Success and Implications for a Model of Leadership Development for Latinas
Hartley Melissa D. May-10 Special Education Doctoral Students and Graduates: Demographic and Career Choice Changes over the Past Decade
Heffernan Cathy May-02 The Role of Accelerated Programs in Solving California's Shortage of Qualified Multiple-Subject Teachers: A Case Study
Heffernan Richard Jan-93 Serving Students with Disabilities in General Education:  The Partnership Program
Hegenauer Judith May-87 The Relationship between Vocational Expectations of Parents, Teachers and Work Supervisors of Learning Handicapped Youth and McCarron-Dial Work Evaluation Scores
Hellstrom-Kinder Candace Dec-13Self-Concept and Perceived Social Support of College Women with Disabilities  
HernandezYvonne May-13 

Latino Student's Perceptions of the University Campus Climate: Exploratory Study of the First Generation Students

Hoffer Kathleen May-88 The School Readiness, Language Proficiency and Preschool Experience of Hispanic Kindergartners:  An Ecological Perspective
Hoffman Leon May-83 The Science of Administrative Theory:  An Assessment of It's Importance to Higher Education Administrators of the California State University System
Hoffman Robert May-96 Levels of Technology Use and Instructional Innovation
Hornsby-Minor Evette May-04 If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again:  An Intergenerational Narrative Ethnography and Performance Ethnography of African American Motherhood
Hosley Ticey Jan - 07 Access and equality: An examination of selected African-American student perceptions of their K--12 education
An Analysis of the Role of First Language in Second Language Acquisition
Jacobo Rodolfo May-10 The Negotiation of Lived Space by Unauthorized College Aged Youth
Jacobson Julie Jan-99 Students’ Perceptions and Growth when Using Children’s Literature as a Tool for Second Language Acquisition
Jacobson Katrine Jan-99 Central Tensions: A Critical Framework for Examining High School Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Jimenez-Castellanos Oscar May-08 Beyond Equality, Equity and Adequacy: Intra-District Resource Allocation's Impact on School Achievement
Jones Evangelina Bustamante Jan-98 Mexican American Teachers as Cultural Mediators: Literacy and Literacy Contexts Through Bicultural Strengths


May-13 Bridging Theory and Practice: A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Social Justice Initiative within a Narrative Supervisory Process 
Katsumata Eriko May-03 Re-Contextualizing English As A Foreign Language instruction:  The Case Of English Instruction in Japan
Kaye Matthew D. May-12 A Study of Primary Schools in the Elias Pina Province on the Dominican Haitian Border: Immigrant Haitian Access to Education in the Dominican Republic in the 2010 Post-earthquake Era
Kaye Spence Candace May-91 Perceptions of First Teachers' Encouraging and Discouraging Behavior Toward Visual Creative Expression:  A Phenomenological Investigation with Implications for Early Experiences
Kelly Patricia May-88 Students Perceptions about the Status of Teachers
Kifano Subira May-10 Promise and Possibilities in the Education of African American Children as Exemplified in the Mary Mcleod Bethune Institute, An Afro-Centric Supplementary School
Kim Daniel May-93 A Study of Equity and Efficiency in the Financing of California Community College Districts
Kitchen Daniel May-90 Ability-Grouping and Dropping Out
Klein Carol May-05 The Relationship between Virtual Charter Schools and Home Schooling
Kolb Brian May-97 Organizational Politics and the Elementary Principalship:  Political Agency, Decision-Making and Instructional Change
Practices of Cooperating Teachers Contributing to A High Quality Field Experience 
Lanuza Fredrick May-04 Racial Isolation, Educational Equity, and the Right to Equal Access:  The Carlin Case and School Integration
Larsen Suzanne May-06 Reading Assessment and Intervention Programs: A Longitudinal Study of California English Language Learners in First, Third, and Sixth Grade
Lee Linda May-87 Connectedness:  A Study of the Cognitive and Affective Experience of Successful and Unsuccessful High School and College Students
Lei Wei-Lin May-99 Chinese American School Personnel's' Perceptions of Bilingual Education
Lockey-Carlon Linda Aug-05 Social Capital for Working Class Latino Adolescents: Social and Informational Network Development in a Pre-College Program
Lozada-Santone Patricia May-01 Resiliency and the Role of Protective Factors among Latino University Students
Lu Yu-Hwa Jan-92 Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy with Asian American Clients:  A Study of Psychotherapists' Achieving Styles and Their Implications in Psychotherapeutic Process
Maheronnaghsh Sarah May-08 The Struggle for Teacher Voice Under No Child Left Behind
Maramba Dina May-03 Negotiating Structures of Higher Education and Bicultural Identity through the Voices of Filipino/a-American College Students
Marshall James May-01 A Study Exploring the Relationship between Teacher Attitude and Commitment and Participation in Technology-based Communities of Practice
Martin Charles May-82 The Educational Production Function
Martin Joanne Jan-09 How School Practices to Promote Parental Involvement Influence Student Success
Matas Amanda Apr-11 Analyzing Best Practices in the Schooling of Secondary-Level Latino Newcomer Immigrant Youth: A. Comparison Study of Two Yearlong
Mauricio Colleen May-97 Voices of Personal Growth:  High School Girls Respond to Community Service and Learning
Mc Kee-Velasquez Patrick May-95 The Integration and Persistence of Chicano Students in Higher Education:  Student and Institutional Characteristics
McNicholas Lori Jan-99 Voices of Por la Vida Learners: Raising Consciousness beyond Achieving Healthy Lifestyles
Medina Ricardo May-14 Sacred Purpose: Indegenous Teachings Informing Pedagogy of the Eagle and the Condor 
Medrano Maria May-81 Teachers' Perceptions Regarding School Climate and Environment as Determinants for Collective Action
Mendez Gilbert Jan-99 School Ideology and Restructuring High Schools: Services and ELD Students
Merx Georges May-03 Parent-School Interaction Patterns at Three California Public High Schools
Meyer Paula May-06 Indigenous Language Loss and Revitalization in Tecate, Baja California
Micks John Jan-89 Factors Affecting Academic Performance in Elementary Schools Serving Low Socioeconomic White Students
Mims Sabrina Jan-88 Access to Gifted and Talented Education:  Alternative Strategies for Underrepresented Students
Miramontes Ofelia Jan-85 Bilingual Oral Reading Miscues of Hispanic Learning Disabled and Non-Learning  Disabled Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Students
Miyamoto Yumi May-02 Japanese Expatriate Children in California and the Culture Shock Experience: An Investigation into the Roles of Education, Individualism, and Collectivism.
Mortimer Nicole R. May-10 Investigating how Young Students Search, Select, and Interrogate Information on the Internet
Monzon Reynaldo Dec-03 Integration and Persistence of Filipino American College Students:  The Mediating Effects of Family Obligation and Reputation
Moore Barbara May-86 Satisfaction with Teaching as a Job and a Career
Moore Juel May-98 Black English Speakers: An Examination of Language Registers of High and Low Achieving Black Elementary School Students
Morente  Desmond May-15 Deconstructing the Colonial Mentality and Ethnic Identity of Filipinos: An Exploratory Study of Second Generation Filipinos 
Moss Rocio May-89 A Transformative Staff Development Process
Murphy Diane May-88 The Impact of Socialization Mechanisms on the Problem-Solving Approaches of Novice Teachers
Murphy Sharon May-01 Informing Our Practice: A Case Study to Interrogate and Seek Critical Foundations for Community-based Education
Musser Kimra May-06 The Changing Face of the Kindergarten Culture: An Analysis of Past and Present Programs in Kindergarten
Nadeau Adel May-86 An Investigation of the Interrelationship of Selected Variables for Assessing the Reclassification of Limited English-Proficient Students
Nagel Greta May-92 Good Groups:  The Search for Social Equity and Instructional Excellence through First Grade Literacy Groupings
Nieto Jesus May-90 Counseling and Social Issues:  Counselor Education in the California State University
Nolte Linda May-03 Systemic Undertanding of Bilingual Middle School Children's High-Stakes Testing Experiences
Norman Craig May-03 Teacher-Centered vs. Learner-Centered:  Exploring Appropriate Teaching Paradigms for Adult English Language Learners
Northcutt-Gonzales Linda Jan-90 Effectiveness of Bilingual Education:  A Quasi-Experimental Comparison of Instructional Approaches in an Elementary School District
Nunez Rene May-94 Schools, Parents, and Empowerment:  An Ethnographic Study of Mexican-Origin Parents' Participation in Their Children's Schooling
Ochoa Eduardo Jan-09 Empowerment Through Education, Experiences, and Organized Action: The Social Justice Course at Lincoln High School (Please contact the department)
Odenthal Joanne May-92 The Effect of a Computer-Based Writing Program on the Attitudes and Performance of Students Acquiring English as a Second Language
Olivos Edward May-03 Dialectical Tensions:  A Study of the Relationship between Latino Parents and the Public Schools
O'Shaughnessy Elizabeth May-85 Variables Mediating between Abstract Moral Reasoning and Contextualized Moral Action Choice
Perkins Carol Jan-87 Pragmatic Idealism:  Industrial Training, Liberal Education and Women's Special Needs.  Conflict and Continuity in the Experience of Mary McLeod Bethune and Other Black Women Educators, 1900-1930
Pulido James May-02 Cultural and Assimilation Response Patterns and Resistance of Fifth Grade Latino Male Students
Pusey Mary Ann May-88 Higher Education in Columbia:  The Perspective of the Professoriate
Quintana Carmen May-05 Social Justice through the Arts:  Remembering the Spirit of the Warrior
Does Disposition Matter in Teacher Quality: Educator Perceptions about Dispositions and Effective Teaching
Ramirez Pablo May-11 The Intentionality of Critical Pedagogical Teachers in Public Schools: Passion, Constraints, and Contradictions.
Ranck-Buhr Wendy Jan-02 The Influence of Early Field Experiences on the Attitudes and Career Choices of Undergraduate Students Who Are America Reads Volunteers (Please contact the department)
Razo Felipe May-01 Distributed Cognition and Mediated Representation of Situations: Implications for Mathematics Education
Reddick Bonnie May-12 Lifting as We Climb: African American Women's Education Experience in the Ivory Tower 
Richards Joan May-91 Characteristics and Performance Levels of High-Risk and Handicapped Infants and Young Children in an Early Intervention Program:  Changes Over a Five-Year Period
Rivera John May-87 A Phenomenological Investigation of Reporting Practices at K-6 Schools:  Implications for Public Policy, Accountability and the Marketplace
At the Crossroads of Aspiration and Achievement: Examining the Educational and Counseling Experiences of Low-Income, First-Generation, Latino/a Community College Students 


May-13 Understanding Metacognition and Critical Components of Thinking and Learning in Public Education Contexts 
Rosander Kendra May-88 Cognitive and Affective Factors that Relate to Suburban Females Dropping Out of High School
Sablan Velma May-97 Teacher Efficacy in the Bilingual Context of the Pacific Island of Guam: Correlations with Beliefs on Cognition and Math Education
Sadat Miro Jan-06 The Afgan Experience: An Exploratory Study of Societal Realities Through the Lense of Afghan Diasporic Literary Works (Please contact the department)


May-13 Disruptions Along the Educational Pipeline: A Mixed Methods Study Resilience Among Latina Middle School Students 
Practice in Less Commonly Taught Languages: A Study of Teachers' Beliefs and the Factors that Guide Foreign Language Teachers' Instructional Practices
Scherr Mary Ann Jan-83 The Meaning of Career Patterns in the Adult Development of Women in Graduate School
Schwimmer Jill Jan-93 Writing Teachers of Under-Prepared Students at California Community Colleges:  Curriculum Focus and Instructional Strategies
Sharifzadeh Virginia May-99 Children's Questions, Parental Answers and Other Observations: A Cross Cultural Exploratory Study
Shaw Lynn May-01 Diverse Working Class Women in Skilled Trades Occupations: An Apprenticeship Model for Success
Shimogori  YujiroMay-13 Impact of Biculturalism on Self-Efficacy and Cognitive-Flexibility of Japanese Adults 
Silva Diaz 
May -15
Examining the Role of Social and Cultural Capital in Latino Parents Access of College Going Culture
Sleiman Vickie Jan-86 Access to Equitable Distribution of Fiscal and Facility Resources and Their Relationship to Achievement in Elementary Schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District
Smith Kelly Aug-05 Examining Teachers' Pedagogical Decision Making Through Collaborative Metacognition


Jan-12 Choosing Science: A Mixed-Methods Study of Factors Predicting Latino/a High School Student's Decision to Pursue Science Degrees 
Stein Robert Jan-87 A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Factors Related to Resegregation in Desegregated Schools
Stone Suki May-92 An Examination of Divergent Thinking in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Elementary School
Sullivan Patricia Jan-94 Children's Literature as a Tool for Teaching Second Language to Adolescents
Sutton Suzanne May-98 Advocacy and Social Scaffolding: A Paradigm for Motivating Underachieving Students
Swanson Linda May-96 Diversity in Higher Education and the Accreditation Process
Student Motivaiton in Foreign Language Learning at the Community College Level
Thrope Lynne May-86 Prior Knowledge and Reading:  An Investigation of Fourth Grade Social Studies Textbooks and Basal Readers
Torrez Nena May-88 Validation of the Tiebout Hypothesis and the Emergence of Dual Systems of Schooling Quality
Treger Rochelle Jan-94 Student Teachers:  Patterns of Reflective Thinking and Concerns
Tureen (Wright) Pamela May-91 The Effects of Schools' Social Organization on Teachers' Feelings of Workplace Commitment:  A Comparison by Race/Ethnicity
Uerkvitz Esther May-86 The Junior High School Principal of Taiwan:  A Study of Administrative Response and Responsibility to a Confucian Philosophical Structure
Van Dyke Janice May-97 A Group Case Study of Student Teachers' Reactions to Multicultural Literature Discussion Group Readings
Villafranca Martha May-02 Applying Critical Pedagogy in a Second Grade Classroom for Reading Literacy
Warn Michelle May-09 Socio-Cultural Elements That Influence Eduacational Leadership Practices in the Republic of Palau
Warren David Jan-98 The Impact of Desktop Computer-Based Student Information Systems on the Decision Making Processes of High School Administrators and Support
Watson John May-01 The Effect of Embedded Metacognitive Cues and Probes on Use of Learner Control Features in an On-line Lesson for Elementary Students
Wells Gillian Jan-00 An Investigation of Student Teacher and Teacher Educator Perceptions of their Teacher Education Programs and the Role Classroom Management Plays or Should Play in Preservice Education
Whelan Winifred May-93 The Acquisition of the Socio-Organizational Culture of the Secondary School Teacher
Whitney Mark May-93 Social Interactions and Classroom Behaviors of Young Children Prenatally Exposed to Drugs in an Integrated Early Childhood Setting
Wiedre Howard May-99 The Effects of a Skills and Strategies for School Success Course on Middle School Adolescents at Risk for Failure
Williams Francine May-93 Clinical Supervision Implementation Strategies and Behavioral Changes:  An Ethnography of Elementary School Personnel
Wullner Kathryn May-88 Succeeding in College:  The Relationship of College Orientation Classes to Persistence and College Grade Point Average
Yoder Andrea May-09 Power and Service-Learning: Implications in Service-Learning for Social Justice
Young Russell May-87 Attitudinal and Sociocultural Factors Influencing Language Maintenance, Language Shift, and Language Usage among the Chinese on Taiwan
Zachman Jill May-94 The Effect of Land and Facility Cost Factors on Dealership Profitability:  A Model for Education
Zyburt Gina M. May- 10 Comprehensive School Reform with a Focus on Literacy