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Project CARES Graduates

deamonta-casey 151

DeAmonta Casey, School Psychologist

Da Vinci RISE High School

colleen-chalmers 151

Colleen Chalmers, School Counselor

Renton School District: Sierra Heights Elementary School

caitlin-lindsey 151

Caitlin Lindsey, Mental Health Therapist

Mending Matters through the Grossmont Unified High School District
I'm a Mental Health Therapist who provides individual and group therapy to at-risk student populations.

kaitlyn-armstrong 151

Kaitlyn Armstrong

Cabarrus County Schools (North Carolina)

I am excited to work alongside a local middle school in Cabarrus County Schools to implement a new Day Treatment Program.  Partnering with Turning Point Family Services, our program provides trauma informed education and treatment for students with mental health challenges affecting access to the general curriculum. Our students remain in a self contained classroom as they work to build necessary skills to transition back into the general education environment. In reference to the question below, we continue to build our caseload in the classroom. We currently have three students, and we are working towards twelve as we await referrals and approval from insurance companies. As foster youth are referred to the program (which I'm told is very likely), I will work 100% of my time with these youth.


Elva Pena, School Counselor

La Quinta High School

joanna-rios-cruz 151

Joanna Rios-Cruz, School Psychologists

Fresno County Office of Education

cory-way 151

Cory Way, School Counselor

Madison and Roosevelt Middle School Vista Unified School District