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Alumni Spotlight

SP Sagi 

Sagi Mesa-Jones

 School Psychology Alumni 2005

Since graduation I have worked in the San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD). Originally, I was the district wide preschool psychologist getting to complete comprehensive assessments of 3 to 5 year-old students and supporting the preschool programs. I then transitioned into an elementary School Psychologist supporting a primary ELL population as well as the SEAS (Social Emotional Academic Support) program. I am currently a POSA (Psychologist on Special Assignment) supporting the preschool programs in the SMUSD. 

 No matter what my role has been as a School Psychologist, SDSU has prepared me to confidently excel due to the rigorous training and focus not only on the career of school psychology but in being self-reflective and culturally aware. In my hope to give back to SDSU and the profession of School Psychology, I have had the privilege to supervise several SDSU School Psychology students and am currently teaching an assessment course. I love my profession and am thankful for the training I received at SDSU!

Student Spotlight

SPSA 2016 Treasurer 

Paul Pham

School Psychology Trainee in Oceanside Unified School District

 The School Psychology Program at San Diego State has provided me with bountiful opportunities to develop professionally and personally. Although I am only in my second year in the program, I've learned so much from this program. I am constantly learning new ideas in our seminar classes about culturally appropriate assessments, school-based prevention programs, and interventions to support student learning. My practicum experiences taught me consultation skills to better understand teachers and support them, as well as counseling skills to allow me to work with diverse students. 

My time with the NAISC Grant has taught me the importance of Trauma Informed Care, Mediated Learning Experiences, and the value of indigenous research methodologies. These experiences come together to train me to become a multicultural school psychologist trainee that strives to provide best practices. The opportunities I have gotten would not have been possible if if it was not for the hard work and support of the mentors, advisors, and colleagues here within the SDSU School Psychology Program; I will always be grateful for their support and I look forward to learning more from the program! 

Alumni Spotlight

SP Rana 

Rana Holcomb, Ed.S.

School Psychology Alumni 2004

I work as a school psychologist at Mission Hills High School in the San Marcos Unified School District. I also work as a School Psychologist on Special Assignment for the District Office two days a week. In addition to this, I am a supervisor for both 1st year school psychology students as well as interns.

SDSU's School Psychology Program provided me with the foundation and knowledge necessary to be a strong advocate for students and families. I am grateful to the program for arming me with the skills, passion, and determination to do what I do. I truly love my job and the work that I do at my site, and within the district, and owe much of it to SDSU! :)  

Student Spotlight

 Courtney SP

 Courtney Meiers, M.S. 

 School Psychology Trainee in San Diego Unified School District

SDSU's School Psychology program has built on my teaching experience and extended my knowledge to view individual students from an ecological lens. It has provided me with unique experiences using models and theories taught by experts in the field. This program gave me the tools to be successful in my learning by giving us field experience to integrate our classroom instruction. 

I feel confident and prepared to deliver my own unique service model as a school psychologist intern next year.  

Alumni Spotlight

Oscar Grajeda, M.A., Ed.S., NCSP 

Oscar Grajeda, M.A., Ed.S., NCSP

 School Pscyhology Alumni 2011

 My time in the SDSU School Psychology program laid the foundation for my comprehensive service delivery which included supporting teachers and administrators but ultimately advocating for the welfare of children and their families. 

I am currently a Bilingual School Psychologist in the San Diego Unified School District I provide services at both the elementary and the middle school level. My duties and what I am passionate about is providing consultation and collaboration services to parents and school staff, individual and group counseling, conducting psychoeducational evaluations to inform interventions and services, building capacity, and participating in leadership roles.  

 My experiences also have allowed me to give back to the program. I have taught "Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students" course to 2nd year students in the SP program and Special Educations teachers in the Special Education Department. I also supervise 3rd year and intern students in the program.  

Student Spotlight

SP Christine B

Christine Brice

School Psychology Trainee in San Marcos Unified School District

I am really enjoying my training as a school psychologist here at SDSU. This program is adequately preparing me to become an exceptional and culturally competent school psychologist. I really value the focus of looking at each student from ecological perspective while providing the necessary tools to do so.

I have had the pleasure of conducting evaluations for culturally and linguistically diverse students, co-leading a social skills group for students with autism, and also doing one to one counseling for a student that has experienced trauma. This year, I have practiced my collaboration skills by working with both teachers and parents to provide the best services to students. I have also been fortunate enough to be part of the C.A.R.E.S. grant where the primary focus is on providing mental health and educational services to students in foster care.  I collaborate and consult with school social workers and school counselors. With each experience [gained], I'm confident that I will deliver the best services as a [future] school psychologist. 

Alumni Spotlight

 SP Lisa

Lisa Delgado-Smith, M.S., NCSP, LEP,

School Psychology Alumni 1991

Lisa currently holds the position of school psychologist at Kate Sessions Elementary in San Diego Unified School District in San Diego, CA. As a school psychologist, Lisa performs duties related to educational psychology including educational consultation; assessment of children and adults in the areas of cognitions, behavior, psycho-social, processing, and academic achievement; educational advocacy; and direct interventions with children and adults targeted towards improving learning. 

Lisa is also an instructor in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology. Lisa teaches courses predominately in the area of assessment and supervision but has also taught courses on cognitive assessment, academic assessment, assessment of second language learners, psychometrics, and supervision of second-year students, third-year students, and interns.  

Student Spotlight

SP Manuel 

Manuel Martinez, M.A. 

School Psychology Trainee at Chula Vista Elementary School District

My training in the School Psychology Program at San Diego State has given me a wealth of knowledge and experiences in order to become an effective and well-rounded school psychologist. The program has not only given me opportunities to learn skills and strategies, but to also put them into practice through a variety of practicum experiences. I conduct evaluations and implement interventions using an ecosystemic lens. I have gained a great appreciation for collaborating with other service providers in order to best support the students I work with. The most valuable experience I had this year was being able to give back to the Chula Vista Elementary School District, which I grew up in. Through this experience, I feel prepared to better serve students and their families.   

Alumni Spotlight

Joe Fulcher SP


 Joe Fulcher, Ph.D.,

SDSU School Psychology Alumni 1987

My tenure in the School Psychology Program provided me the confidence and skills I needed to make difficult professional decisions, communicate effectively, to challenge myself and others, to think creatively, lead by example, be accountable, and reward others for their efforts. 

I currently hold the position of Assistant Superintendent of "Equity, Culture, and Support Services"  in Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, CA. My role is to collaborate with district and community stakeholders to create instructional environments that support academic rigor, equitable student access and inclusion, cultural relevance and community responsiveness, value diversity, and promote positive student and staff relationships. The goals are to create systems that result in every student reaching their full potential and in all district staff maximizing their professional capacity. The Equity, Culture, and Support Services Office leads district efforts in the creation of inclusive environments that honors student diversity (e.g., ability, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, language, sexual orientation), and ensures that every student is skilled and able to be globally competitive. Lastly, the position will support the implementation of districtwide academic, educational, outreach supports, and training and professional development initiatives that promote and sustain a climate of diversity, inclusion, and equity and respect. The office will also interface with every district office, program, and department to ensure that all policies and procedures and hiring practices are compliant with district expectations.  

Student Spotlight

 SP Elaine 2

Elaine Chen, M.A.

 School Psychology Intern at San Francisco Unified School District

 My training at San Diego State has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and experience to serve as a well-rounded practitioner. Whether it is conducting psycho-educational evaluations, modifying and creating behavior intervention plans, or providing ongoing consultations regarding best practices, I continuously rely on the experiences gained through my coursework, grants, and practicum experiences. In my effort to serve students in San Francisco, it is crucial that I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise to serve a wide range of needs and populations. The program has prepared me for just that!