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Randolph Philipp

Co-Principal Investigator, Studying Teachers' Evolving Perspectives (STEP): A Cross-Sectional Snapshot of Teachers Engaged in Sustained Professional Development Focused on Children's Mathematical Thinking

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Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy (IMAP): An Investigation of the Effects on Elementary Preservice Teachers' Beliefs and Learning of Mathematics

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  • B.A. Mathematics, California State University Northridge (CSUN)
  • M.S. Mathematics, CSUN
  • Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction (Math Ed), University of Wisconsin Madison


I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California, where I earned a degree in mathematics and then a fifth year single-subject teaching credential in mathematics. I worked my way through college "busting tires" at Sears, and in my spare time I taught CPR courses for the American National Red Cross and I served as a Big Brother of Greater Los Angeles. I spent the next two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching mathematics at a junior high school and in a teacher training institute in Liberia, West Africa, where, while out for a run one afternoon in the bush, I decided I enjoyed working with prospective teachers even though I did not know what I was doing. I decided then to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics education. I returned to the U.S. and taught mathematics in an inner-city Los Angeles high school and then in Canyon Country, north of Los Angeles. While teaching, I worked on an M.S. degree in mathematics at night and I also served on a crisis intervention help-line. Upon finishing my M.S. degree, I married, moved to Wisconsin, and studied for my doctorate under the direction of Tom Carpenter.


I have devoted much of my research and teaching to understanding and working with prospective and practicing elementary and secondary mathematics teachers, and to support this work, we have developed video of children’s mathematical thinking. The CD, which is used in several of our courses, is available through Pearson/Prentice Hall at,1144,0131198548,00.html. Samples of these video are available on our IMAP website (


Philipp, R. A., Ambrose, R., Lamb, L. L., Sowder, J. T., Schappelle, B. T., Sowder, L., Thanheiser, E., & Chauvot, J. (accepted for publication). Effects of Early Field Experiences on the Mathematical Content Knowledge and Beliefs of Prospective Elementary School Teachers: An Experimental Study. J ournal for Research in Mathematics Education.

Philipp, R. A. (in press). Mathematics teachers' beliefs and affect. In F. Lester (Ed.), S econd handbook of research on mathematics teaching and learning. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Jacobs, V. R., & Philipp, R. A. (2004). Mathematical thinking: Helping prospective and practicing teachers focus. Teaching Children Mathematics, 11(4), 194-201.

Ambrose, R., Clement, L., Philipp, R., & Chauvot, J. (2004). Assessing prospective elementary school teachers' beliefs about mathematics and mathematics learning: Rationale and development of a constructed-response-format beliefs survey. School Science and Mathematics, 104(2), 56-69.

Other Interesting Things

When I am not working (and even sometimes when I am) our two sons keep my wife and me busy. However, I do make time to work out now and then, and I enjoy backpacking.



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  Randolph Philipp

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