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San Diego State University


Joanne Lobato

Coordinator, Joint Doctoral Program (JDP) in Mathematics and Science Education


Ph.D. Mathematics Education, University of California at Berkeley, 1996

Current Research Projects


Lobato, J. (2003). How design experiments can inform a rethinking of transfer and vice versa. Educational Researcher, 32(1), 17-20.

Lobato, J., Ellis, A.B., & Mu–oz, R. (2003). How "focusing phenomena" in the instructional environment afford students' generalizations. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 5(1), 1-36.

Lobato, J., & Ellis, A.B. (2002). The focusing effect of technology: Implications for teacher education. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 10(2), 297-314.

Lobato, J., & Ellis, A.B. (2002). An analysis of the teacher's role in supporting students' connections between realistic situations and conventional symbol systems. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 14(2), 99-120.

Lobato, J., & Siebert, D. (2002). Quantitative reasoning in a reconceived view of transfer. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 21(1), 87-116.

Lobato, J., & Thanheiser, E. (2002). Developing understanding of ratio as measure as a foundation for slope, in B. Litwiller (Ed.), Making sense of fractions, ratios, and proportions: 2002 Yearbook (pp. 162-175). Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Research Team

  • Graduate students
  • Cooperating Teachers



 Joanne Lobato

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