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San Diego State University

Student Life and Leadership

Student Organization Leadership Development Program (SOLD)

The Student Organization Leadership Development Program (SOLD) focuses on the organizational growth, sustatinability, and leadership development of leaders as well organizations.

SOLD is a cumulative learning model for recognized student organizations.  

Student organizations that meet all the univeristy requirements (ie. five student officers, set of bylaws, faculy/staff advisor, SOCIA training, in-person orientation, etc.) will achieve the status of "Recognized." 

Student organizations that meet standards listed under "Achieving" will be designated "Achieving" organizations. Those with "Achieving" status are growing as an organization and are increasing their participation in campus activities and leadership development.  




Student organizations who meet the standards for "Excelling" will be designated as "Excelling" organizations. Those organizations with "Excelling" status are campus organizations the most engaged with SOLD guidelines and are exceeding expectations outlined for the program.  The statuses will be listed on the SLL website and other publications.     






Check out the 

SOLD Guidebook

 for detailed information and ways to track your progress!