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San Diego State University

Student Life and Leadership

Classroom Reservation Requests for Student Organizations


University classrooms are available for use by recognized student organizations, subject to availability. Classrooms must be reserved at least three 21 days in advance.  No rooms are available during final examination periods and Commencement weekend. Food and drink are not permitted in classroom facilities at any time and the sponsoring group must clean and restore the room to its original condition. Noise from an event may not disrupt adjacent campus activities.

Ranging in seating size from 12 to 500, university classrooms are available for student, faculty, or staff meetings and activities on weekdays without a charge provided no admission or registration fee is charged.  On-campus groups are charged custodial/maintenance fees when classrooms are used during the weekends.

Classroom Reservation Requests Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations

To reserve a classroom, the request must be made through the online Event Approval System (EAS). Please idicate in the "Notes" section of the EAS if you have a preference for a specific room. This is not a guarntee that you will be placed in that room. Reservation Coordinators will work to place you in a comparable room if your preference is unavailable. 


You must also indicate in the EAS "Notes" section if you would like to use the Smart Classroom Technology (projector, computer, etc.). By requeting use of this technology you are agreeing to pay the $225 fee and to adhere to the policy outlined below.

Classroom Smart Technology Use Policy

The classroom Smart Technology includes the classroom computer and/or projector. If you choose to utilize the Smart Technology, you will be provided an invoice for the $225 technology use fee, even if the organization's advisor is present at the event. If you have questions concerning the technology use in campus classrooms and the fee associated, you can find the policy here.  If you elect to forgo the technology and attempt to have a faculty or staff member unlock it, your technology will be terminated remotely by Instructional Technology Services (ITS).