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San Diego State University

Greek Life

Welcome to Greek Life at San Diego State! 


Fraternal organizations have been a core component of the San Diego State community since 1899!

Today, there are 44 recognized general sororities and fraternities, including both general and culturally-based organizations create smaller communities with the larger University environment for the purposes of facilitating growth in the areas of scholarship, personal and leadership development, campus involvement and community service.

SDSU’s fraternity and sorority chapters create smaller communities within the larger university environment. Creeds and rituals guiding individual organizations are based on values and ethics that foster the highest ideals and behavior.

In addition, our community is active in Greek auxiliary organizations which provide inter-chapter governance, programming, and/or recognition for social sororities and fraternities, including various Greek councils, Greek honoraries, and programming boards. 


Academic Achievement

Within the Greek community, academic achievement is not only defined by academic performance. Academic achievement is holding peers accountable for their performance, continuing strides towards academic success and dedication to the academic improvement for those who are already doing well, in addition to those that need help. 

Alumni and Family Relations

Being Greek means being a part of something bigger than yourself. In addition to finding brothers and sisters, chapters connect with family members and alumni and engages to create a community that fosters networking. 

Chapter Management

A strong chapter needs to have strong support. Chapters here at SDSU commit to organization, finanical obligation, and development of advisors and officers. In addition to remaining in good standing, chapters are dedicated to participating in workshops and goal setting for the continued improvement of the overall community. 

Community Service

Philanthropy has become a major pillar in all Greek-lettered organizations. Aside from the expectation that chapter members complete community service, chapters seek to establish partnerships and projects and contribute to a cause or agency. 

Greek Relations

Greek Life at SDSU is more than just individual chapters, it's one, larger community. Chapters are encouraged to host events for the entire campus, combine efforts in programming, and participate in other chapter events.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a process. Members of the Greek community are involved in continued development in their leadership. Leadership is developed through  an awareness of the overall community and its respective diversity, which is achieved through workshop attendance, One SDSU Community events, and student organization involvement. 

Membership Education and Development 

Membership education is pinnacle to developing strong members. Goal setting, clear expectations, and all new member workshops completes a comprehensive membership education for strong chapter members. 

Calendar of Events