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San Diego State University

Greek Life

Resources for Chapter Members

If you are a current member/leader in the Greek community, you're in the right place! On this page you will find information and resources related to managing your chapter!

Academic & Professional Development based Workshops

Throughout campus, academic & professional development based workshops are offered to SDSU students.

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Apply for an opportunity within the Greek or campus community!

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Associated Students Banking & Funding Opportunities

Obtain funding, learn how to apply for and use AS Banking, and find forms!

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Awards & Recognition

All chapters and members of the Greek community at SDSU in good standing with the University are eligible to be recognized for Greek Accreditation Awards and apply/nominate for Greek Awards.

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Calendars & Important Dates

Stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities within the Greek community!

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Chapter Directory 

Get in touch with another Greek chapter in the SDSU Greek community!

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Community Service, Volunteer, & Fundraising Opportunities 

Find out about community service, volunteer, or fundraising opportunities happening in or around campus!

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Greek Accreditation

All chapters at SDSU are required to participate in Greek Accreditation which is evaluated at the end of each fall and spring semester. 

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Greek Auxiliary Student Organizations

Greek Auxiliary Student Organizations are a type of registered student organization. These organizations provide inter-chapter governance, programming, and/or recognition for social fraternities/sororities. Included are various Greek councils, Greek honoraries, and programming organizations.

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Greek Intramurals

All chapters and members of the Greek community at SDSU are encouraged to participate in Greek Intramurals facilitated by Aztec Recreation Intramural Sports. 

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Greek Leadership Academy

Greek Leadership Academy is a spring semester program that seeks to engage and empower new members of the Greek community. Each week is designed to address a critical theme within the community.

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Greek Life Reporting Protocol 

To best provide support to chapters experiencing challenges, University Greek Life staff are to be notified during any critical incident including incidents involving members of the chapter and/or property.

The diagram below outlines what is to occur during, immediately following, and within 24 hours of a critical incident.

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GreeksLead Workshops & Presentations

Each chapter has various needs and Greek Life staff are here to help meet those needs!

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Health & Wellness-based Presentations

Based on your chapter's needs and interests, request a presentation through Health Promotion!

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Recruitment / Intake 

For information about recruitment/intake, visit the Go Greek! How to Join webpage! 

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Leadership Workshops

Student Life & Leadership offers several leadership-based workshops! 

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SDSU's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship hosts an online database with a number of scholarships. Scholarships are available to all students who meet scholarship requirements listed - read carefully.

The Tony Esse Memorial Scholarship awards up to $1,000 each and is open to any major, upper division undergraduate student, and active in a recognized fraternity or sorority at SDSU. Applicants must submit a 500 word personal essay.

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SOCIA (Student Organization Conflict & Identity Awareness) Training

All Presidents and Treasurers listed in the RSO are required to participate in SOCIA Training, formerly called Student Leader Diversity Training (SLDT), prior to submitting a completed RSO application. If you completed SLDT (Diversity Training) last year, you will not be required to complete training again and should be able to submit the RSO application. Remember, you must complete both sessions in order to meet the requirement.

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Student Organization Handbook

All registered student organizations (RSOs) including fraternity and  chapters at SDSU are required to comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the SDSU Student Organization Handbook (below).

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