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San Diego State University

Commuter Life

Aztec Freshman Connection

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Aztec Freshman Connection is a student success program designed specifically for students living at home or off-campus, referred to as “commuter” students. The goal of Aztec Freshman Connection is to support you as a commuter student by creating a small community of students where you can make new friends, receive academic support, create relationships with faculty and staff, and connect to a broad range of student organizations and activities. These connections are invaluable to your success as a student at San Diego State University.

The program focuses on helping both parents and students transition into a dynamic university environment.

Students in the Aztec Freshman Connection program will:

  • Have access to a mentor who is a current student who will guide and advise you as you transition into college. This mentor will provide academic help with your math and writing courses in an individual or small group setting
  • Participate in activities on campus with your peers
  • Give back to the community
  • Learn about the many student organizations and clubs on campus
  • Make new friends
  • Meet faculty and staff on a personalized basis
  • Establish a network with SDSU that will assist you with your academic and personal success as a student

Aztec Freshman Connection Components

  • GEN S 100B Casa Azteca University Seminar (1 unit)
  • A General Education (GE) course (3 units)
  • Discussion and Analysis course (1 unit) which will give you additional academic support with your General Education class
  • GEN S 250 University Seminar: In-College-Shape, which will take place the week before the fall semester starts (1 unit)

Student Success

The Aztec Freshman Connection program provides you with the necessary support and resources enabling you to make connections with the university. This plays a huge role in Aztec Freshman Connection students’ ability to continue at the university past their first semester. In fall 2011, 100% of the students in a similar program continued to their second semester and 93% finished their first semester in good academic standing. Students in learning communities like Aztec Freshman Connection are performing better academically compared to other students.

For more information please contact Melissa Gonzalez at (619) 594-1033 or at