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Greek Life

Greek Accreditation

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The Greek Accreditation program at San Diego State University was implemented at the beginning of Fall 2012. Since then, the program has evolved to better assist chapters, councils and the entire Greek community in an effort to tell our story.

We believe the experiences members will have participating in Greek Accreditation will develop a variety of different skills and broaden their knowledge - ultimately giving them a more well-rounded Greek experience while at SDSU!

During summer 2015, the program was reviewed and revised to include additional categories, streamline the organization of the program and improve the process for documentation. 

Greek Accreditation focuses on eight key areas of Greek Life which we espouse as our Greek community's values! Efforts and experiences are all directly aligned with the following areas: 

Academic Achievement  Community Wellness
Alumni & Family Relations  Diversity Education & Inclusion  
Chapter Management  Leadership Education & Development 
Community Relations  Philanthropy & Service 

Highlights & Trends

All chapters are expected to participate in Greek Accreditation which is evaluated at the end of each fall and spring semester. To fully understand the scope and context of the program highlights and trends below, please review the introduction.

Greek Community

Academic Achievement  Community Wellness
Alumni & Family Relations  Diversity Education & Inclusion  
Chapter Management  Leadership Education & Development 
Community Relations  Philanthropy & Service 


College Panhellenic Association  National Pan-Hellenic Council
Interfraternity Council  United Sorority & Fraternity Council

Accredited Chapters

Achieving Chapters

Excelling Chapters 

Chapter Accreditation Chairs

Greek Life recommends designating at least 2 individual chapter members to be in charge of Greek Accreditation. If you need access to your chapter's Greek Accreditation Google Drive folder (which is where you will store documentation), please submit the Accreditation Contact Information form. The form may be found on the Forms webpage.

It is highly recommended that chapter accreditation chairs learn about the program, documentation, best practices, and more by attending an Information Session! Details are at left on this webpage. NOTE: Attendance to at least 1 Information Session is required if the chapter is Not Accredited.

Efforts & Experiences

All chapters in the Greek community participate in Greek Accreditation to varying degrees! Chapters are expected to meet Accredited status, however, some chapters may be in "Achieving" or even "Excelling"!

Chapters should appropriately challenge themselves! The updated Greek Accreditation Overview ocument outlines what efforts and experiences it takes to reach these levels:

  • Goal: Accredited
  • Goal: Achieving
  • Goal: Excelling


Each effort and experience has proper documentation that must be submitted or compiled in order for the chapter to earn credit. Review the Greek Accreditation Documentation Guidelines for an overview. Documentation cooresponding to each effort and experience will be outlined on the 3 documents in the section above, Efforts & Experiences. The following are templates that are required to be utilized for proper documentation, as applicable.

"Google Form" documentation are listed below. If multiple of the same form are submitted for a chapter and only one form submission is required, the form dated most recent will be used to evaluate. 

AFR-G: Option B Alumni/ae Database report 

CM-M-1: Chapter Membership report 
CM-M-2: Chapter Officer Responsibility form (submit 1 form per officer)
CM-M-3: Chapter Membership & Officer Expectations form 

CM-S: Standards Board Accountability form
CM-G-1: Chapter Financial report 
CM-G-2: Chapter Incident report 
CM-G-3: Alumni/ae Advisory Board form (submit 1 form per advisor)
LED-M-2: Interest/New Member Education form
LED-M-5: Chapter Officer Goals form (submit 1 form per officer)
LED-M-6: Semester in Review form* (submit 1 form per advisor)
LED-G-1: Chapter Involvement report 
LED-G-2: Semester Reflection form (submit 1 form per officer)
*To be completed by chapter alumni/ae and faculty/staff advisors.

Due Dates

All documentation must be submitted/saved no later than the deadlines listed below for the current academic year:
Fall 2015 - 11:59 pm Sunday, December 6, 2015
Spring 2016 - 11:59 pm Sunday, May 1, 2016
Fall 2016 - 11:59 pm Sunday, December 4, 2016
Spring 2017 - 11:59 pm Sunday, April 30, 2017 

Tracking Sheets

Greek Life provides tracking sheets so chapters can check that they are completing certain requirements throughout the semester. NOTE: Tracking is not automatic, it is updated manually. 
Google Forms tracking sheet
Non-slides Attendance tracking sheet

Information Sessions

Location: Seminar Room, Student Life & Leadership, Union (2nd Floor)

Fall 2016 

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Spring 2017
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