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San Diego State University

Office of the Ombudsman

Office of the Ombudsman Survey


1. Is the Office of the Student Ombudsman conveniently located?


2. Was the clerical staff pleasant and cooperative?


3. Were you seen within a reasonable amount of time?


4. Were your inquiries and phone calls handled in a timely manner?


5.Did you find the Office of the Student Ombudsman attentive to your needs?


6. Did you feel you were treated respectfully?


7. Were your concerns, issues, and questions listened to and addressed appropriately?


8. Did the Office of the Student Ombudsman treat you as an individual regarding your unique needs and concerns?


9. Were effective solutions or alternatives provided?


10. Do you feel your complaint was handled in a confidential manner?


11. Does the office represent ethnic/cultural/racial diversity?


12. If you have another problem would you return to the Office of the Student Ombudsman?


13. If a friend of yours has a problem, would you recommend he/she seek help at the Office of the Student Ombudsman?


14. Without the assistance of the Office of the Student Ombudsman, would you have possibly sought legal assistance outside of the University for your complaint?


15. Do you feel the Student Ombudsman was knowledgeable in university policies, procedures and regulations?


16. Are you satisfied with the degree of change in the problem for which you sought advice/assistance?

: What would you recommend to improve our service?