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ISC Peer Mentor Program

ISC Peer Mentor Program

Welcome to the International Student Center Peer Mentor Program!


The goal of the ISC Peer Mentor Program is to foster academic and personal excellence among first year international students by:

  1. Increasing their sense of knowledge about U.S. culture and lifestyle
  2. Connecting them to campus resources that will help them succeed at SDSU
  3. Helping them build essential skills for academic and personal success

As part of a support team, the ISC Peer Mentors encourage first year international students (Mentees) to embrace their new  learning environment, while recognizing the importance of overcoming the diverse challenges and demand of college life in order to successfully pursue  their academic goals. 

Benefits of the program 

First time international freshmen who have participated in this Peer Mentor Program for at least 1 year will be able to:

  • Maintain High GPA
  • Improve Confidence
  • Participate Actively in Classroom
  • Form Friendships with U.S. Experienced Students
  • Adjust Better to their New Environment 

Who should apply to be a Mentee?

First time international freshmen who would appreciate the guidance, support and friendship of an experienced SDSU student. 

 Fall 2018 Peer Mentors

I am from India.My major is computer science. Apart from my academic interest, I love to do photography. I am a good adviser as well as a great listener too. 
I am an international undergraduate student majoring in psychology. I am a returning ISC mentor and I love to help international students with academic planning, study tips and resource recommendations.
I am a Fourth year Microbiology student. I was born and raised in San Diego and I love going out to eat at local restaurants and go to the beach with friends.I am currently involved with the Viromics lab with Dr.Elizabeth Dinsdale as well as Dr. Niesman in the Electron Microscopy Lab. I am also  a peer mentor for the Women in Science Society apart from the ISC. I hope to guide my mentees and show them a good time here at San Diego State University. 
My name is Lan Phan and I came from Vietnam. I major in Finance. I know what it feels like to be an international student; I know the difficulties that international students might have and some necessary skills or tips they can get in order to better adapt American culture.  I enjoy basketball and traveling. Overall, it is great being a mentor at the International Student Center!
I am Mehul Sompura and I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I really like helping people a lot. I am very easy person to talk to and can help you in all the ways I can! I like to play soccer and tennis in my free time. 
I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Graphic Design at SDSU. I look forward to meeting and sharing my experiences with my mentees to help them be successful in their first year of college. I hope to help mentees feel inspired to learn and always remain curious to uplift the humanity and change the world.

Hi! My name is Sayra Flores, and I am currently a 4th year at SDSU. I am majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource.  I can speak fluently in Spanish and SDSU has given me the opportunity to study abroad in Germany. I welcome you to San Diego State University, and I hope to be a mentor, friend, and companion throughout your journey here at SDSU.  
My name is Dena Yaareb, I came from Dubai majoring in Biology and working towards being a doctor in the future. I like watching movies, walking, and swimming. I always wanted to provide new students with all the support needed to make their path easier and comfortable.
My name is Lu Yang. I am from Guangdong, China. I am Marketing major in SDSU and would be junior after this summer. I like baking, cooking and traveling around. 
I was born in San Diego. My major is French and Linguistics with a minor focus in Italian. I love studying foreign languages and learning about different cultures and cuisines. I have studied abroad in Italy, Canada and France. 
I am a senior Mechanical Engineering Major. I have been working at the International Admissions Office since freshman year and I always loved working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Moreover, I have lived in multiple countries throughout my life, which enabled me to be very adaptable while being with people from all over the world. Looking forward to meeting all of you! 
Hi, I am an undergraduate student from China. I am now a Junior majoring in Japanese and minoring in leadership. I like playing guitar, learning all types of history and going on a road trip. I am also a returning mentor. I would like to help you with your life here at San Diego State University.
I’m Julia and I am a sophomore majoring in Management and minoring in TFM. I was born and raised in Brazil. My favorite things to do include listening to music, hanging out with friends and looking for free food and stuff. I love meeting new people and giving advice to help in every possible way! I’d not only be a mentor but also a friend that could help adapting to your new journey here! Cannot wait to meet all of you guys!
My name is Ines, I am a third year international student from France studying Chemistry and I wish to go to Medical School in the future. I know the worries and struggles you have as a new international student at San Diego State because I had the exact same ones, and I want to help you better adapt to your new home and your new life in San Diego. I love music and travelling!
I am Carol and I am majoring in International Security and Conflict Resolution. I am also minoring in Leadership and Women's studies. I love to go hiking, play soccer, go out to eat, and hangout! Being an international student from Brazil, I know exactly what it's like to deal with obstacles and how to overcome them. I am on this journey just like any other student. I am super excited to help you and to be a friend!
I'm Natalie, I am going to be third year International Business major with an emphasis in Spanish and Latin America. I am a San Diego native and I love the beach. I want to make your time here the best it can be and I am excited for all of you!
I’m a third year Computer Science major from San Diego. I volunteer at the greenhouse at SDSU. In my free time I play volleyball, soccer, bowling, table tennis, and video games. I’ve studied in and currently work in Singapore, so I understand the difficulties of being an international student. I can offer advice on academics, culture transition, and activities. Looking forward to meeting you all!
I am from Moscow, Russia, a senior majoring in Psychology. I plan on getting a Master’s degree and obtaining a Marriage and Family Therapist license to be able to practice as a psychologist. In my free time I like to read and do horseback riding. I am passionate about helping new students adjust to the hectic and often times confusing world of an American college. I also know quite a few tips and useful techniques to be academically successful and would love to pass on my knowledge.
Hi, I’m Shane, a Business Administration Information Systems major from Orange County, California. Because I have a passion for Internation business, I’m a CGBP and the president of International Business Society. I’ve also traveled abroad to Brazil and Australia. I’m currently studying French, and I plan to study abroad in Senegal Fall 2019. I’m a mentor because I know I can help you get involved at San Diego State and love your time in the US.
Hey everyone! My name is Susmeetha, and I am currently a junior majoring in Finance. I am from India and have traveled to many places around the world such as India, Singapore, Europe, etc as I have family staying there. I have a lot of international family and friends, so I hope I will be able to use this experience to help you all. Welcome to San Diego State University and I can’t wait to meet you all!
Hi, I'm a fourth year Hospitality and Tourism student from Malaysia! I'm super easy going and laid back and besides spending time in my department, I love to take portraits and discover new coffee spots. I'd love to help students in becoming involved on campus and especially in their department, I want to help mentees to be part of a huge community where they'll make life long connections in their work and social life! 

Our staff

Roselyn Enwemeka, Assistant Director

Alison Peppers, ISC Peer Mentor Coordinator
(619) 594-1977

Sasha Wang, ISC Peer Mentor Program Student Assistant

Are you interesting in mentoring an

international student?

The ISC Peer Mentor program is a volunteered based program seeking SDSU students who are passionate about motivating and empowering other students to be successful. 

Interested students please
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