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ISC Peer Mentor Program

ISC Peer Mentor Program

Welcome to the International Student Center Peer Mentor Program!


The goal of the ISC Peer Mentor Program is to foster academic and personal excellence among first year international students by:

  1. Increasing their sense of knowledge about U.S. culture and lifestyle
  2. Connecting them to campus resources that will help them succeed at SDSU
  3. Helping them build essential skills for academic and personal success

As part of a support team, the ISC Peer Mentors encourage first year international students (Mentees) to embrace their new  learning environment, while recognizing the importance of overcoming the diverse challenges and demand of college life in order to successfully pursue  their academic goals. 

Benefits of the program 

First time international freshmen who have participated in this Peer Mentor Program for at least 1 year will be able to:

  • Maintain High GPA
  • Improve Confidence
  • Participate Actively in Classroom
  • Form Friendships with U.S. Experienced Students
  • Adjust Better to their New Environment 

Who should apply to be a Mentee?

First time international freshmen who would appreciate the guidance, support and friendship of an experienced SDSU student. 

How can I apply to be a Mentee?

It's easy! Just complete and submit a short online Mentor Request Form.

For more information, call (619) 594-3800 or email


Our staff

Roselyn Enwemeka, Assistant Director

Alison Peppers, ISC Peer Mentor Coordinator
(619) 594-1977

Are you interesting in mentoring a student?

We are always looking for experienced SDSU student mentors who are passionate about motivating and empowering other students to be successful.

Please complete this application

 Tel: (619) 594-1982  |  Fax: 619-594-1973  |  Email: