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Health & Safety for International Students

Health Insurance Requirements for F-1 Students

F-1 students must purchase JCB Insurance Solutions health insurance unless they have an insurance policy that meets one of the acceptable alternate policies below.

Click here to purchase JCB Insurance Solutions health insurance. 

You must print your own copy of the insurance card; it will not be mailed to you. For health insurance coverage that begins August 15, 2018, you will be able to print your card beginning August 1. Please allow 7-10 business days after purchasing the insurance for your ID card to be ready to print. 

If you need to see a doctor before this time, please contact the ISC. We will reach out to JCB Insurance Solutions to obtain the card for you. 

The policy that you purchase will be with the AETNA insurance provider. All the information you need regarding the policy can be found on the JCB Insurance Solutions website. You will create an online account when you purchase the policy. Through this account, you can know the detailed policy coverage, print your ID card and find a doctor or clinic that accepts the AETNA insurance policy that you purchased from JCB Insurance Solutions. 

Only the following alternate policies are accepted:

For F-1 degree seeking students, only the following alternative policies are acceptable and will be approved:

  • Policies for students sponsored by your home government or the U.S. government
  • Students covered with a U.S. policy through your own employment or a family member’s employment. You must also purchase the JCB medical evacuation/repatriation insurance policy.
  • Policies issued through parents or spouse in your home country that meet the requirements stated on the petition. You must also purchase JCB medical evacuation/repatriation insurance policy.

Important: You must submit a petition to ask the ISC to approve your alternative policy. If your petition is for a policy that does not meet one of the three options above, it will be denied and you will have to purchase JCB health insurance before you will be eligible to register for classes.

Insurance for F-2 dependents

F-1 students are strongly advised to purchase insurance for F-2 dependents in the United States. You must enroll dependents at the time of your SDSU enrollment or within 30 days of your dependent’s arrival in the U.S.

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