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Travel & Re-entry
for International Students

Arriving in San Diego

  • All new students, both degree-seeking and exchange, should arrive before orientation starts.
Photo: Outside San Diego International Airport
Find information about San Diego International Airport at

Shuttle or taxi to SDSU

The International Student Center does not provide airport pickup.

Super Shuttle

Students interested in taking a shuttle from the San Diego Airport to the San Diego State University area have the option of using the Super Shuttle. To make a reservation, call 1-800-258-3826 and use the promotional code UFD59 to get a student discount.

You can also make a reservation online at You will be asked to enter specific information. As your address choose: hotel/popular landmark. When the hotel name appears, enter SDSU. You may then choose any of the 4 options in the drop down.


Taxis are also available from the airport. Price from the airport to SDSU is approximately $45.

More information about San Diego International Airport at:

Other transportation options

If you have transportation needs before orientation, or if you need a ride, see SDSU's guide to getting around.


If you plan to drive to Orientation, we recommend that you park in Parking 12 (formerly PS4) because it is the closest parking structure to the International Student Center. In Parking 12, students may park between levels 3 & 8 with a Student Parking Permit.

If you do not have a parking permit, go to parking level 8 where you can purchase a parking pass. The fee is 1 - 4 hours $2 per hour, 5 or more hours $10.


Upcoming OPT workshops

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