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Health Promotion - Helping create a healthier campus to enhance student success


Get Involved: Become a Peer Health Educator (PHE)

SDSU Peer Health Educators (PHEs) actively promote health and wellness on campus. PHEs gain training and education about health issues relevant to the SDSU population and effective methods to communicate health information to their peers.

PHEs assist the Health Promotion Department with outreach events and present dynamic workshops to students and the campus community on a variety of topics that affect the everyday lives of our students.

Health topics include:

  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Nutrition and healthy eating on campus
  • Sexual health
  • Dating violence
  • Violence prevention (FratMANers)

Qualifications for involvement:

  • Have completed 60 units or working toward 60 units during your first semester as a PHE
  • Ability to commit  to a minimum of 2 consecutive semesters to the PHE Program before graduating (one semester for training and at least one for active participation in the program)
  • Completion of a successful PHE interview
  • Earned a passing grade in the PHE program training course

Interested in an Peer Health Education?


Here is what our Peer Health Educators have to say:

Hi everyone! My name is Lani Morales and I am a senior majoring in public health. I have been in the PHE program since August of 2016 and it has been a fun, eye-opening experience to learn about health by having my fellow peers in mind to make choices that would keep them safe and healthy. My career interest is to eventually become a public health registered dietitian; giving back to the communities that have helped me become the person that I am today. I love being in the PHE program because it helps me step out of my comfort zone to discuss health matters in front of an audience, and it gives me the confidence and satisfaction that I am educating my fellow peers to make wise decisions regarding their health, while also having fun doing so. I can’t wait to be an active this semester and get started on changing the lives of other students on campus!

—Lani Morales (Senior, Public Health)

I am a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies of Public Health, Psychology, and Spanish. I have been in the PHE program since August of 2016 and enjoy serving as a health educator for my peers -- understanding firsthand the challenges of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle while also juggling school, work, and social life. I am very passionate about mental health issues & obesity prevention and with that desire I plan to attend graduate school for an MPH to become a Health Promotion Specialist. During my free time I love cooking new foods, camping, hiking, and hanging out with family and friends.

—Daniel Manzo (Senior, Public Health, Psychology, & Spanish)

My name is Julia Platter, I am a senior majoring in biology. I enjoy studying microbiology and am volunteering in a biochemistry laboratory on campus this semester. I love being a PHE because it gives me an opportunity to communicate health issues with fellow students in a fun and interactive way, while also studying biology in a broader view. In my free time I like to stay active by jogging, hiking, and playing soccer. I hope to graduate and work in the biology field for a couple of years before applying to PA school.

—Julia Platter (Senior, Biology)

Hello all, my name is Ever and I am an Interdisciplinary Studies senior at SDSU, with a strong emphasis in Public Health. My other two areas of focus are International Security and Conflict Resolution and Religious Studies. My favorite thing to explore is culture, which is the reason as to why I have chosen to pursue a Masters in International Health after I graduate here at State. I am involved with various other organizations here on campus, but I am most prideful about my Peer Health Educator position. Being an active really allows me the opportunity to share my passions with my peers, and make a meaningful difference in the life of students. Lastly I love to travel so if you have a location and are in need of a buddy, hit me up and bon voyage!

—Ever Yael Gonzalez (Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies (Public Health, International Security and Conflict Resolution, Religious Studies)

My name is Hunter Fournier and I am currently a graduating senior and Public Health major. I have been involved with the Peer Health Educator program since August 2016, and I have had nothing but a positive experience participating in this program. This program will help develop your skills as public health professionals in many ways, and is a great way to get a foot in the door for many internships.

—Hunter Fournier (Senior, Public Health)

Hello, my name is Jessica Houser and I am currently a junior majoring in Public Health and minoring in Business Administration. I am in my second semester of Peer Health Education. The PHE program has been such a beneficial and rewarding experience that has opened the door to many other opportunities. After graduation, I intend to further my education by attending an MBA program in order to pursue a career in Healthcare Administration.

—Jessica Houser (Junior, Public Health, Business Administration (minor))

Hi there, my name is Nicole Arenz and I am senior studying Public Health here at SDSU! My long term goal is to be able to do research on infectious diseases so that I can help address any health issues in developing countries around the world. I have been in the Peer Health Education Program since August of 2016 and I have loved every minute of it! I have met some great people in this class who all share the same passion in teaching and promoting healthy behaviors across campus. Being a PHE is really important to me because this experience will build the foundation I need for the next two years after graduation when I become a Community Health Educator serving for the Peace Corps! I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to work alongside awesome people, step out of their comfort zone, and gain experience in promoting health and wellness across campus!

—Nicole Arenz (Senior, Public Health)

Hello my name is Grecia Nolasco and I am a Psychology major on the Pre-Med route! I am a senior and look forward to attending medical school in the future! I like this program because I've had the opportunity to meet many amazing people, as well as become incredibly knowledgeable about the health issues that affect most people and students. I am glad to work towards helping educate everyone on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and have fun on the way!

—Grecia Nolasco, (Senior, Psychology)

Hello, my name is Emily Krasovich and I am a public health major graduating in May 2017. My current life-long goal is to attend Chiropractic school and achieve my Doctor of Chiropractor license. Engaging myself in the health field is what interested me in becoming a Peer Health Educator here at SDSU. I have been with the program since August 2016 and have had a very positive experience. Being a PHE has been so much fun because it has led me to meet new people and to learn how I can educate my peers on certain health topics. I am thankful to be a part of the PHE program because it has helped strengthen my relationship between health topics that can affect everyone and the relationship with my fellow peers.

—Emily Krasovich (Senior, Public Health)

Hi, my name is Alexus Jackson and I am a management major. I've always wanted to work in the medical field, but I am more interested in the administrative side, and I hope to go to graduate school for Healthcare Administration. I have been a PHE since August 2016 and it has been a great experience. I've met new people, learned so much about health issues that affect college students, and have had the opportunity to educate my peers on some of these issues. It's been a great way to get involved on campus and connect with other people who are just as interested in health education as I am.

—Alexus Jackson (Senior, Management)

I am a super senior Foods and Nutrition major and a Spanish minor. As a lifelong foodie, I have always considered food to be a lingua franca which connects people despite differences. My love for food and the unity it brings, sparked my interest and passion for nutrition. I joined the PHE program in 2015 and served as an active PHE during the spring of 2016. I enjoyed working with my fellow PHEs to create outreach initiatives and lead health education workshops, so I am thrilled to back! After graduating, I want to become Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and earn an MPH with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Behavioral Science. My ultimate goal is to work as a nutrition counselor, preferably for a community wellness organization. With an MPH and an RDN certification, I trust that I can help people adopt healthier behaviors. In my free time, I like to explore nature, brunch with friends, and build robots with my sister.

—Aliyah Moradi (Senior, Foods and Nutrition, Spanish Minor)

How to apply

Interested in becoming an SDSU Peer Health Educator?  Just complete the Peer Health Educator Application


2017 Spring Peer Health Educators group

Title IX compliance

San Diego State University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, or sexual orientation in its education programs or activities. The safety of our students is our highest priority, and we are committed to ensuring that sexual violence stops on our campus and in the broader society. [read more about title IX]

Become a PHE

The Peer Health Education (PHE) Program teaches student volunteers to educate their peers about important health issues, challenges students to examine their values, and introduces skills to help students feel more empowered to stay healthy.

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