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San Diego State University

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Your Summer Tuition and Fees

Summer tuition, fees, and payment information is available from the summer Class Schedule and from Student Account Services. Your tuition and fees are due prior to registration.

Using a summer tuition and fee payment postponement

You are able to postpone paying your summer tuition and fees by completing the online summer counseling session available through AidLink.

Your summer tuition and fee payment postponement is activated within 48 hours after you complete your summer counseling session. There may be other action you must take to receive a summer financial aid award. Follow the directions on the summer tab in your AidLink account.

Caution: Completing the summer counseling session postpones the payment; it does not mean that you will be eligible to receive summer aid or, if awarded, that the aid will be enough to pay your total summer cost.

You must pay tuition and fees that are due to Student Account Services if:

  • Your summer aid is not enough to pay the entire amount of your tuition and fees
  • You choose not to accept all or a portion of your summer financial aid
  • Your summer financial aid consists of loans, and you choose not to borrow from the loan program or you miss the deadline to request and activate the loan(s)
  • Your summer financial aid is unavailable for any reason

Payment postponed

Allow 48 hours after you complete your online summer counseling session for your summer payment postponement to be activated with Cashiers and the Registrar.