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San Diego State University

Financial Aid and Scholarships

FAFSA: When to Apply

First priority deadlines for the FAFSA: To receive first priority evaluation of your eligibility for all financial aid programs, observe these deadlines:

  • October 1 – March 2: Submit your FAFSA between October 1 and March 2.
    • Complete your FAFSA as soon after October 1 as possible. 
    • By March 2, your FAFSA must be complete and accepted (not rejected for errors) with SDSU’s federal school code of 001151.
  • April 1: Submit all financial aid documents requested via your AidLink account by April 1.

Second-priority evaluation

FAFSA and other documents submitted after these dates will receive second priority evaluation and aid awarded based on available funding at the time.

Applications are evaluated and aid is awarded throughout the year based on available funding.  Some grant funds are limited, so apply early and submit documents as soon as requested.
  • Absolute last day to apply:  Your FAFSA must be complete, accepted (not rejected for errors), and received by SDSU before the last day of your enrollment to be considered for any funds.

New and returning students: When to apply

  • New students: Apply now!
    • You may apply for financial aid while your application for admission is being processed. Do not wait until you are admitted to the university.
    • Allow several weeks processing time from when you are admitted to when you are notified of your financial aid award at SDSU.
    • After you are officially admitted to SDSU and your financial aid record is complete, you will be able to view your award notice on AidLink.
      • A note about AidLink:  You have an AidLink record once we receive an electronic record of the information you enter on your FAFSA. Usually, this is 7 to 10 days after you apply online.
      • If the social security number you used on your FAFSA does not match the social security number you used (if any) on your application for admission to the university, we will not be able to display your FAFSA record on AidLink, nor will we know when you have been admitted to SDSU.  If this describes your situation, contact us for help.
  • Continuing students: Apply every year
  • Important: To be eligible for continuing financial aid, you must reapply for aid every year after October 1 by completing the FAFSA.

1st time Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship applicants: March 2 final deadline

If you are applying for Cal Grant or a Middle Class Scholarship for the first time, complete the FAFSA and submit it on or before March 2. (Note that both Cal grants and the Middle Class Scholarship are available for California residents only.)


SDSU's federal school code: 001151