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San Diego State University

Financial Aid and Scholarships

How to Send External Scholarship Funds

San Diego State University processes scholarship funds sent by check or by electronic fund transfer (EFT).

When to send funds

We prefer to receive all the scholarship funds in July. If this is not possible, please send by:

  • July: For the entire academic year
  • July: For the fall semester
  • December: For the spring semester

When funds arrive later, the student may not receive disbursement when it is needed and an adjustment to his/her financial aid package may occur.

Where to send funds

Please mail your check along with a cover letter to:
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Attn: Scholarships

San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182-7436

Check or electronic fund transfer

San Diego State University processes scholarship funds sent by check or by electronic fund transfer (EFT). Please send a cover letter for all scholarship awards, regardless of whether the funds will be sent by check or by EFT.

  • Checks: Simply make the check out to "San Diego State University.” (Making the check payable to SDSU and the student may cause processing delays while we obtain the required endorsement from the student.) In the Memo area, please write the student’s name and RedID (SDSU identification number) which you can obtain from the student.
  • Electronic fund transfer: Call us at (619) 594-6323 for information about setting up an electronic fund transfer.

University tax identification number (TIN)

As an educational institution , SDSU is exempt from federal income tax under section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • SDSU's tax identification number (TIN) is 33-0373293.

Cover letter

Please include a cover letter when sending scholarship awards to SDSU, and include:

  • Student information
    • Name
    • Red ID
    • Amount of scholarship
  • Scholarship agency or organization information
    • Agency, organization or donor (name, address, phone)
    • Contact person and information
  • Scholarship requirements
    Please describe any conditions or requirements, such as:
    • Grade point average
    • Enrollment status (full time or part time)
      • Note that funds are usually released once the student enrolls, regardless of enrollment status (full or part time).
  • Semester or academic year
    • Fall or spring semester
    • An academic year (both fall and spring semesters)

SDSU Tax Identification Number (TIN)

SDSU's tax identification number (TIN) is 33-0373293.