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San Diego State University

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Sending Scholarship Funds to SDSU

Thank you for the scholarship award(s) that you or your organization will be generously providing to one or more SDSU students! Awards like yours are invaluable to our students and help to further promote the importance of higher education within the community.

Instructions for sending funds

To help ensure that funds are processed and delivered to the student(s) as early as possible, please review the details below:

Student’s use of funds

Please help ensure flexibility in use of scholarship funds. For the student’s benefit, please allow the scholarship funds to be used for any federally and state recognized cost associated with his/her education.

If you stipulate that the scholarship is limited to “tuition, fees and books,” the scholarship will be used toward these costs only. However, if the student receives multiple scholarships and/or grants with the same limitation, all or a portion of the student’s scholarship may be returned to you if those costs have already been covered.

See How the Scholarship Affects a Student’s Financial Aid Award.

San Diego State University External Scholarships Policy 

External scholarship resources will be applied first to any remaining unmet financial need the recipient may have.

If a student's demonstrated financial need has already been met with federal, state, and/or university resources, the external scholarship funding may reduce the student's eligibility for need-based federal and state financial aid.

If a student's need-based federal and state financial aid must be reduced, SDSU will reduce loans first, then Federal Work Study (FWS), and then grants.  The amount of the external scholarship will not be adjusted to avoid the reduction or cancellation of need-based federal and state financial aid. 

Questions or need assistance?

Please call (619) 594-6323 and ask for a member of the Scholarship Team. Or email us at

Interested in contributing to an SDSU scholarship?

We are delighted that you are interested in supporting SDSU scholarships!

To make a contribution to support an existing SDSU scholarship, please mail your gift to:

The Campanile Foundation

Attn:  Gift Administration
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-1968

    To establish a new SDSU scholarship to benefit our students, please contact:

    The Campanile Foundation

    Phone: (619) 594-8941



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