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Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

C.O.P.E.* Stress Test

*(Cultivating Optimal Personal Experiences)

Using the scale below, rate yourself on how you “normally” react, not how you “would like” to act.

4 = always   3 = frequently   2 = sometimes   1 = never

- Do you try to do as much as possible in the least amount of time?

- Do you become extremely frustrated when things don’t go according to plan?

- Do you feel that you sometimes have trouble connecting with people?

- Are you frequently late?

- Are you unlikely to ask for help with a problem?

- Do you focus on gaining the respect and approval of others?

- Are you critical of yourself and/or others?

- Do people say to you, “You take on too much responsibility”?

- Are your relationships less satisfying than you would like?

- Do you find yourself “spread too thin” with your time and energy?

- Do you get angry and irrational and then apologize to people later?

- Do you find yourself “putting off ” resting, saying things like, “I’ll relax next week”?

- Do you have the habit of doing more than one thing at a time?

- Do you have little time for hobbies or “alone” time?

- Do you tend to rush through conversations, finish people’s sentences, and talk quickly?

- Do you consider yourself “hard driving”?

- Do you have a lot of emotional ups and downs?

- Do you need a deadline to be motivated?

- Do you do your best work “at the last minute”?

- Do you feel a little guilty if you have a weekend or an evening where you do absolutely nothing productive?

- : Add up the numbers for all twenty questions.

Check your results

If your score is between:

[+] 20 to 30
[+] 31 to 50
[+] 51 to 60
[+] Over 60