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San Diego State University

Career Services

Job search, internships and other work experience

Job search

Find information about how to find job opportunities, on-campus jobs, job search strategies, interviewing techniques, networking, resumés and cover letters, dressing for success, how to protect yourself from fraudulent job postings, and much more! (Download Adobe Reader if needed)

Photo: student group in Career Resource room

Internships and other work experience

Internships, mentorships, and volunteer work are all valuable career-building opportunities!

  • Internships are supervised, career-related learning opportunities that give students hands-on experience in an industry or field. Many academic departments offer (or require) internship programs as part of the course of study. And 9 out of 10 employers prefer hiring students who have internship experience!
  • AMP Mentorships pair a professional with a student for a semester-long, one-on-one learning experience
  • Volunteering helps others as it widens your personal experience.