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San Diego State University

Career Services

Internships and Other Work Experience

A paid job is only one of a variety of valuable work experiences available to you as a student. Other avenues to explore include internships, mentorships, and volunteer opportunities.


internshiplogo.jpgThese supervised, career-related learning opportunities give students hands-on experience in an industry or field. Many academic departments offer (or require) internship programs as part of the course of study. And 9 out of 10 employers prefer hiring students who have internship experience!

Mentorships: Aztec Mentor Program


Through Career Services' Aztec Mentor Program (AMP),  students establish a one-on-one relationship with a mentor over the period of a semester. Once students have met program requirements and are accepted into the program, they are paired with a mentor who best matches their career objectives.  Mentors are SDSU alumni or professionals who have agreed to give SDSU students feedback, help make connections between their mentoring experience and academic learning, answer industry-specific questions, and provide professional advice on career pathways and other career-related issues.


Volunteers help build better communities, mentor children and youth, and provide a wide range of services that might otherwise go undone. And you gain valuable resumé-building experience each time you volunteer! Learn about a variety of volunteer opportunities. You'll gain job experience, meet new people, share skills and experience, and much more.

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