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Service Learning Agreement Process Update

SDSU Campus Statement for E.O. 1064

Per the request of the Chancellor's Office, SDSU has written a Campus Statement outlining the practices and protocols used to be in compliance with E.O. 1064.  Click here to view SDSU's Campus Statement

New Guidelines for Internships: The New Unpaid Intern Test

In January 2018, the DOL released new guidelines around unpaid internships, replacing the six-part test with the primary beneficiary test to determine if an individual can be classified as an unpaid intern.  Click here to view the article NACE wrote about the new guidelines for internships. 
Click here to view the updated SDSU Internship Definition & Characteristics Matrix.  Please note that the Employer Internship Toolkit will be updated to reflect these changes as well and will be shared this month.


The Internship Site Questionnaire (ISQ) has been revised effective November 2017.  The main change to the ISQ is that a signature is now required from the Learning Activity Site and an SDSU College Representative, who has reviewed the ISQ.  As a reminder, the ISQ is the first step in the Service Learning Agreement (SLA) Process and needs to be completed and reviewed for any possible risk prior to the SLA being sent to the Learning Activity Site.  Please note that the ISQ and SLA cannot longer be sent together.  The most current version of the ISQ should always be used.  Additionally, an AdobeSign Workflow is available to send out the ISQ.  Click here to view the updated How-to Guide for Online Workflow SLA Process  For more information on ISQ and other required documentation for the Service Learning Agreement Process, please visit:


The standard Service Learning Agreement (SLA) template has been revised effective September 2017.  This new revision includes updates to legal terms within the agreement.  As a reminder, the most current version of the SLA, and other service learning related documents, should always be used.  For more information on SLA's and other required documentation, please visit:
*Please note that the Internship Site Questionnaire is also being revised and will be available in AdobeSign shortly.


The Service Learning Agreement (SLA) online process in Adobesign can now be completed by using the Workflow function.  The Workflow makes the SLA process easier and more efficient, as it tells you which signers to enter, a standard message is included, and the SLA document is already attached.  Click here to view the updated How-to Guide for Online Workflow SLA Process If you would like training on how to use the Workflow and/or you have questions, please email Heather LaPerle at
*Please note that the Internship Site Questionnaire Workflow will be available in AdobeSign shortly.

Service Learning Agreement Process Change

Due to the need for the Learning Activity Site (LAS) to be the legal entity name for the internship site, the SLA template in AdobeSign has been changed so that now only the employer is able to enter in the LAS.  This change was made in order to ensure that the correct legal name is being used and that the SLA is approved for the legal entity.  View the Updated Service Learning Agreement Process AdobeSign How-To Guide (same as guide below).

SDSU's Release of Liability Waiver Available Now on AdobeSign

Per SDSU's Risk Management, students participating in university sponsored off campus activities including internships must sign the Release of Liability Waiver, acknowledging the risks associated with off campus activities and to protect the university from liability.  Signed waivers are to be kept on file in the department organizing the activity for three years.  (If participants are minors, waivers are to be kept until participants turn 20 or three years, whichever is longer.)  Please note that AdobeSign stores documents electronically reducing the need for storing paper in your department and allowing for a more efficient manner to transition documents when a change in staff occurs.

The CSU Release of Liability Waiver can be found by going to and it is now available to send through AdobeSign.  Click here to view the SDSU Release of Liability Waiver Process AdobeSign How-To Guide, which will show you how to send the waiver individually or to multiple students (up to 300) at once.  If you would like to set up in-person training and/or if you have questions, please email Heather LaPerle, Campus Internship Coordinator at

Annual Review of Internship Sites on AdobeSign

The purpose of the Annual Review using the Internship Site Questionnaire (ISQ) per CSU Executive Order 1064 Section IV, E.,

Annual Review: Campus policy shall include a plan for annual review of the internships, both for educational purposes and for safety to the students. This review should take into account information gathered from on-site supervisors, faculty, university staff, and student experience.

Click here to view the Annual Review Of Internship Sites Process AdobeSign How-To Guide, which will show you how to send the Annual Review ISQ individually or to multiple sites (up to 300) at once.  If you would like to set up in-person training and/or if you have questions, please email Heather LaPerle, Campus internship Coordinator at

Beginning September 2016 the University procedure for processing Service Learning Agreements will become fully electronic.

Online SLA Process & AdobeSign Training with Heather LaPerle, Career Services
Learn how to use AdobeSign to complete the Service Learning Agreement (SLA) process fully online.  To set up training, email Heather LaPerle at

Service Learning Agreement Resources

Per Executive Order 1064, Service Learning Agreements (SLA) are required for all organizations at which a student is completing an internship for academic credit.  Please note that for all UNPAID internships students MUST enrolled in an internship course and the organization MUST have an approved SLA on file with SDSU.  Here are resources to help you with the Service Learning Agreement process:

  1. SDSU completes SLAs electonically using AdobeSign, which is a web-based electronic signitures and document management system.  To request an account, visit the ETS HelpDesk website.
  2. Use the AdobeSign: How-to Guide for Online Service Learning Agreement (SLA) Process. Use the How to Use AdobeSign Guide for other ways to use AdobeSign and tips like setting up Google filters
  3. Visit the Contracts & Procurement Service Learning Agreement website to access the SLA Master List
  4. Contact the Campus Internship Coordinator Heather LaPerle,

Internship Resources

Internship Position Description Template

Updated SDSU Internship Definition & Characteristics Matrix

Updated Janaruary 2018 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships     

Service Learning Agreement (SLA) Master List

What is an internship?

An internship formally integrates a student’s academic study with practical experience in a cooperating organization.

It is an off-campus activity designed to serve educational purposes by offering experience in a service learning, business, nonprofit, or government setting.

Internships provide a high-impact experience that help students to develop professionalism and learn to apply their knowledge as they transition successfully into the workplace.

San Diego State University recognizes the National Associations of Colleges and Employers (NACE) definition of an internship, which is available along with the characteristics of an internship (paid, paid for credit or unpaid for credit) by viewing the Internship Definition & Characteristics Matrix (PDF)

How do I recommend internships, jobs, and other programs to my students?

Via Aztec Career Connection.  If you don't yet have an account, follow these steps:

  1. Send an email with your first and last names, email address, and Red ID to Campus Internship Coordinator Heather LaPerle,  You will receive an email back, letting you know how to set up your password and access your account.
  2. Once your account is active, follow the directions in How to Use An Aztec Career Connection Faculty Account (PDF; download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if needed).

How do I post an internship?

For answers to these frequently asked questions, link to the Employers section of Internship Central.

  • How do I post an unpaid internship?
  • How do I post a paid internship?
  • What legal issues must be considered regarding internships?
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