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This Month’s Top 10 Resume Builders

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Even if you’re not planning on starting a job search for quite some time, it’s never too early to start building your resume. You never know when a surprise opportunity or chance meeting may require a resume refresh and the last thing you’ll want in that moment is an outdated resume with old contacts and an ancient job history. October is chock-full of fresh, fun opportunities to build your network, take part in meaningful experiences and prepare for your future: everything a bare resume could ever wish for. Here are a few options to get started.

  1. October Career Fairs: If you’re majoring in science, engineering, or math-related fields, you need to be at the STEM Career Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 15. For those of you who are planning for grad school or professional school upon graduation, your big day is Thursday, Oct. 16 at the Graduate & Professional School Fair. Because “winging it” is not an effective strategy, attend Career Services workshops throughout the month to make sure you’re well prepared for the fairs.
  2. Leadership Certificate: Join hundreds of SDSU students who are formalizing their leadership knowledge and know-how in this unique certificate program. You’ll tackle the principles of leadership through five required components, including a series of workshops, experiential programs, community service, on-campus leadership participation and a reflective capstone project. Learn more at an info session on October 7.
  3. Aztec CORE: These leadership retreats don’t take place until November and January, but now’s the time to apply for a spot on one of the three-day off campus events. The Department of Student Life & Leadership is now offering Aztec CORE retreats for both emerging leaders and advanced leaders. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other first and second year students, SDSU staff, and quickly get involved in the Aztec community. Added bonus: the campout counts towards the Leadership Certificate program’s experiential leadership requirement.
  4. Study Abroad: If you want to take “international experiences” off your bucket list and on to your resume, you’re in luck. SDSU’s International Student Center is hosting 14 Study Abroad Info sessions throughout October. Before you go, scour through the Aztecs Abroad database and just try to contain your excitement when you see how many incredible destinations you have to choose from.
  5. Grad School Prep Seminar: Thinking about graduate school as your next move after graduation? Visit the Commuter Resource Center in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Thursday, Oct. 2 at 1 pm to learn important strategies to use when applying to graduate school. One hour may make all the difference in when, where and how you take that big next step.
  6. Student Organizations: From cultural organizations to recreation groups to honors societies, out of the 300+ student organizations on campus, chances are there’s at least one that perfectly matches your interests and goals. In the off chance that this isn’t the case, go ahead and start your own! You’ll find everything you need to know about joining and creating student orgs on the Student Life & Leadership website. Advance notice: you’ll need to free up some space on your resume for all the new skills, community service activities and contacts you’ll acquire along the way.
  7. College Councils: Fun fact: SDSU consists of eight academic colleges, each of which has its own governing student body called the College Council. Getting involved with your college council means having opportunities to build meaningful connections with the faculty and staff in your college (hello, references!), as well as your own peers. Don’t forget the impact you’ll make when weighing in on important decisions that will affect you, your college, and fellow students for years to come.
  8. Internships & Part-Time Jobs: When it comes to resume power rankings, on-the-job experience is a formidable contender for the top slot in terms of its importance to hiring managers. Visit Career Services’ Internship Central for information, tips and resources for landing a valuable internship this year. If a paycheck is a must, consider part-time jobs or even seasonal positions that can boost your finances and your work experience.
  9. Zahn Innovation Center: The application period for SDSU’s on-campus business incubator may have ended, but that doesn’t mean business-minded students need to wait until next semester to get involved. Drop by the Zahn Innovation Center in the Industrial Technology building or visit the website to learn how to join an existing team on their entrepreneurial journey. Who knows, you may be a member of the C-suite before you even graduate!
  10. Research and Discovery: SDSU is one of the country’s top small research universities. At any given moment on campus, students are working alongside renowned faculty, tackling important challenges and making breakthrough discoveries. Contributing to a published research article as an undergrad? How’s that for a resume builder! Check out the many research opportunities on campus and learn how to get involved.