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International Peace Village Highlights Campus Diversity

students from Turkey

students from France

a student from Kurdistan

Photos courtesy of the SDSU International Student Association. See more photos on their Facebook site.

International students and cultural student organizations will transform Campanile Walkway into a global celebration on Nov. 21 for the 57th Annual International Peace Village.

Approximately 100 booths representing various cultures will line up in front of Hepner Hall for San Diego State University’s biggest international event of the year, complete with music, performances and fascinating displays of cultural traditions.

Students interested in studying abroad will also have an opportunity to learn about different countries straight from the citizens themselves, who share valuable insight into their country and the study abroad process, according to Laurelle McVicker, a student who helps with the event.

“There are so many different cultures represented on this campus, it makes sense to bring them all together so they can share their traditions with SDSU students,” McVicker said. “At the same time, it’s also a chance for American students to become more culturally aware and maybe get some ideas of where they’d like to go abroad.”

SDSU has established cooperative and exchange agreements with schools in approximately 60 countries and more than 350 study abroad programs are available through various campus entities. To learn more about study abroad, students can attend an orientation at the International Student Center on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

For more information about the International Peace Village or to register as a participant, contact the International Student Association or McVicker at