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A.S. Votes to Restructure

At its Oct. 17 meeting, Associated Students Council voted 27-7, with three abstentions, in favor of restructuring the 80-year-old organization.

While bylaws will be approved through the fall semester, restructuring will transform the current board of directors that has representatives from cultural organizations, Greek organizations and colleges. The proposed government restructure will create a new board of directors, a campus life council to represent non-academic interests, a university council to represent academic interests and a judicial affairs council to serve as a mediator.

Why restructure?

The purpose of the restructuring is to resolve issues that have arisen over time, such as:

  • Centralized structure
  • Corporate board of directors, executive, legislative and judicial branches in one council
  • Inefficiency, overlap and exclusion
  • Handful of people holding multiple positions and large workloads that don’t always receive full attention
  • Lack of full accountability
  • No real checks on representatives
  • Overlapping representation makes “no one person responsible”

This is a large project that has been discussed for several years by past A.S. Council members and executive officers. In spring 2011, A.S. Council approved a proposal to explore a new structure and how it would work.

Restructuring will affect spring 2013 A.S. elections, with a full implementation in fall 2013.


For more information about the A.S. government restructure, visit the A.S. Government Affairs Office located in suite 230 in the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, or call (619) 594-6555.