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Tunnel of Oppression

Think you know everything about discrimination?

Come to the Tunnel of Oppression, where your eyes will be opened to the many ways people discriminate against their fellow human beings.

Learn about:

  •     Ableism
  •     Anti-semitism
  •     Body image issues
  •     Domestic violence and relationship abuse
  •     Gender roles/sexism
  •     Poverty and race issues
  •     Sexual assault and rape
  •     Religion
  •     Sexual orientation


Photo: Tunnel of Oppression


Where and when:

The Tunnel of Oppression will be held in the Tula Community Center next to Tenochca Hall.

Dates and times:
Sunday, Nov. 4, 3 to 8 pm
Monday, Nov. 5, Wednesday Nov. 7, & Thursday, Nov. 8:  4 to 9 pm

  • Note: Tuesday, Nov. 6th, CLOSED FOR ELECTION.

Admission is free, with tickets assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about this award-winning program, contact the Residential Education Office at (619) 594-5742.

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