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Your Aztec Summer Transformation

Use This Summer to Transform Your Aztec Experience!

We know, particularly with the latest above average temps and sunny days, you’re probably counting the days until the spring semester ends and summer is here. We don’t blame you!  But, in between visits to the beach and spending time with loved ones, there are things you can do during the summer months to make your fall semester and beyond better than ever! Check out our quick round up of seven great suggestions:

  1. Find an internship: Now more than ever, employers are looking for graduating students with at least one internship on their resumes, so spending the summer interning could definitely boost your job prospects post-graduation. Check out the steps you need to take to connect with potential employers and access a list of internships in the San Diego region by visiting Career Services.

  2. Engage in your community through volunteer work: Challenge yourself to find a campus or community organization to volunteer with this summer. Students can find an updated list of service opportunities in the San Diego area through the Student Life and Leadership office. Bonus: SLL awards students with a community service certificate for every 100 hours served.

  3. Get active this summer: Itching to learn how to paddleboard or sail? Learn proper safety and technique in the calm waters at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. The Center provides a welcoming and relaxed environment to learn watersports at your own pace. SDSU students also receive discounted rates on watersports classes, rentals and private lessons with their Red ID.

  4. Find a summer job: Landing a job this summer can also give you an advantage in the post-graduation job market. A student that shows they can manage their time by balancing a work and school schedule is appealing to employers. It’s a great way to build career skills and network with potential employers as well. Visit Aztec Career Connection for the most current job postings.

  5. Get ahead on going abroad: Now is the perfect time to think about taking travel to the next level in 2016 and combine your next adventure with studying abroad. The Aztecs Abroad database has short and long term programs for any time of the year. Programs can be as short as a week or two and as long as an academic year, in places as close as Tijuana or as far away and foreign as Botswana, Latvia and Fiji. Complete your profile today by logging in with your Red ID and WebPortal password and start exploring your options!

  6. Sign up for the Aztec Mentor Program: Not sure which direction your career is headed? The Aztec Mentor Program partners juniors, seniors and graduate students with established alumni and professionals in San Diego and beyond in one-on-one mentorships. Students can explore their interests and better understand certain professions or industries under the guidance of an Aztec Mentor. AMP requires an 8 to 12-hour time commitment from students over the course of a semester.

  7. Grab some units: Now is the time to register for summer sessions and get some of the necessary units under your belt. Registration for all three of the summer sessions begins May 4. For more information, check out the Office of the Registrar’s summer session page.