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Conflict in Ukraine Topic of Upcoming International Speaker Series

By the deposed monument to Lenin

As part of the International Speaker Series, the SDSU community is invited to a lecture by Dr. Mikhail Alexseev. On March 27, from 11:30 am to 1 pm, at the International Student Center, Alexseev will talk about the civil unrest in the Ukraine, as well as show photos and tell stories from his December 2013 visit to the region.

This winter, the Russian government's ambition to unite most of the former Soviet territory under a Moscow-led Eurasian Union led to clashes in the streets of Ukrainian cities with the aspirations of the majority of Ukrainians to become part of European Union's two-decade long eastward enlargement. In his presentation, Alexseev, a Ukraine native, will explain what drove and sustained the protests, as well as why and how the protesters prevailed in the face of a brutal crackdown by government forces. He will also address how the protests will affect the future of politics, the state, and society in Ukraine, as well as for Russia-Ukraine relations.

Students interested in attending the lecture and luncheon, should RSVP by March 26 by emailing or by calling 619.594.0679.