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KCR Team Finalists for Golden Mike Award

image of golden mike nomination congratulations

A broadcasting team SDSU’s student-run radio station, KCR, has been selected as a finalist for an award from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, known as IBS.

Matthew Bain, Matthew Hoffman and Anthony Reclusado are finalists for a Golden Mike Award for their play-by-play coverage of the SDSU Ice Hockey Club Team games. The three will travel to New York City this week, along with KCR General Manager Matthew Anderson, to attend the IBS conference and award ceremony slated for Saturday, March 8.

Anderson, who schedules, organizes and advocates for the radio station, said this award is just another sign that the station’s image and programming is evolving.

“This award is just another way of us showing people we’re heading in a professional direction as a station,” Anderson said. “We’ve been working hard to brand and market ourselves as the sound of the students, which is what we really want to be. It seems like our hard work is paying off.”

Finalists for the award had to submit samples of their work in order to be considered in a category. For the play-by-play, the sports commentators had to include portions of their game introduction, some play-by-play commentary and an interview in their award entry recording.

Students can find KCR on the how to listen page of the station’s website, using the TuneIn app on their iPhone, on channel HD 81-16 if they live in the residence halls, on channel 956 on Cox Digital Cable, or channel 957 on Time Warner Digital Cable.

For more information about sponsoring the station, Anderson can be contacted at