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Your Voice Matters!

Associated Students University Affairs Board introduced a new initiative this semester — Your Voice Matters — that responds to student questions.


How to voice your opinion

“Our main goal is to let students voice their opinions,” said Jacqueline Ordi, chair of Your Voice Matters and a member of the University Affairs Board. “They can have a suggestion, a comment or a concern.”

Your Voice Matters logoStudents can fill out an online form with a question, suggestion or idea, either anonymously, or include their contact information. Once a comment, question or idea is received, the Your Voice Matters team considers it, finds the appropriate resource to resolve it and follows up as appropriate. If needed, a committee member will then check in with a student to see if their issue was resolved.

“I think it’s important to follow back and not just give the contact information,” Ordi said. “As a committee, we just want the students to be heard.”


Food, parking, and more . . .

The committee has heard from students about a variety of topics, including:

  • Available food choices on campus
  • Requesting a “dead week” before finals week where no events or activities are scheduled
  • Parking issues
  • How to get involved on campus

So far, the committee has received about 25 comments from students. Ordi and Matt Cecil, A.S. vice president of university affairs, hope to receive 150 comments from students by semester’s end.

“What Your Voice Matters is doing allows students to empower students,” Cecil said. “There are so many services that the university offers and people just don’t know where to get them; Your Voice Matters allows them to be directed to the proper place.”


Request a presentation

Student organizations can request a presentation on Your Voice Matters from an A.S. University Affairs Board member by emailing A.S. Vice President of University Affairs Matt Cecil at


Learn more, get involved!

You are invited to submit a comment, question or idea to Your Voice Matters, on the Associated Students website.

To get involved in Your Voice Matters, visit the A.S. Government Affairs Office on the second floor of the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, or call (619) 594-6555.