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Featured Scholarship – Rising Star Scholarship

Scholarship season is in full swing! Whether you’re an undeclared freshman, or a graduate anthropology student, there are some amazing opportunities to earn money for school through the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Check out @State each month—and the SDSU’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships online database—for the latest scholarship opportunities for SDSU students! It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s online!

Rising Star Scholarship

  • Award: Multiple awards of $1,000
  • Open to all majors
  • March 18, 2016 application deadline
Scholarship details:
To qualify, applicants must
  • Have a minimum 2.50 overall cumulative GPA
  • Be an enrolled full-time undergraduate student
  • Submit a list of campus activities, clubs, sports, etc. indicating the dates (e.g., fall 2016), the typical amount of time involved on a weekly basis (e.g., 5 hours per week), and any leadership positions held
  • Submit a list of volunteer and community service activities, indicating the dates (e.g., fall 2016) and typical amount of time involved on a weekly basis (e.g., 5 hours per week)
  • Submit an essay of approximately 1,250 words to answer the following:
    • Describe your top three values and how you act upon them in your life as a college student.
    • Describe the contributions you have made to enhance the quality of student life at SDSU through a leadership or service role.
    • Describe your experience with public speaking to large groups. How confident are you in your public speaking abilities?