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Featured Scholarship: It Pays to Live the Greek Life

It’s scholarship season, which means there are hundreds of opportunities for San Diego State University students to prepare—at least financially—for next year. But with the application deadline approaching on February 14, the season will soon come to an end. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to set yourself up for financial success. Whether you’re an undeclared freshman or a graduate anthropology student, chances are there’s at least one, if not 20, scholarships that fit your student profile.

Each month leading up to the winter and spring application deadlines, @State will feature a scholarship from SDSU’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships online database. Apply for as many as you qualify for—it’s free, it’s easy, it’s online!

It Pays to Live the Greek Life

Tony Esse Memorial Scholarship
Awards of $1,000 each
Open to all majors

-Must be an upper division undergraduate student
-Must be an active participant in Greek Life
-Must submit a 500 word personal essay

Get the full details and apply.