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San Diego State University Students Wrap Up Chevy Campus Promotions Program

Image: aztec creative solutions logoAztec Creative Solutions, a student-run marketing agency, received praise from Chevrolet after successfully executing an integrated marketing campaign to increase awareness of several car models: the All-New Chevrolet Spark, Sonic and Cruze.

The student agency also promoted the Chevrolet College Discount Program on campus.  The advertising campaign, which reached more than 15,000 SDSU students, was designed to show off the fun, appealing attributes of the Chevrolet vehicles to the millennial audience.

The Chevrolet Campus Promotions program is a unique industry-education partnership managed by Chevrolet and EdVenture Partners that gives students the chance to apply their knowledge in the real world. Four SDSU students got the chance to develop and execute a campaign to promote existing and new vehicles to their peers. SDSU was one of a select group of schools from around the country participating in this program.

"The students are doing really well," said Michael Belch, a professor in the integrated marketing department. "They're getting great real-world experience while learning the trials and tribulations of how to create a successful campaign."


See November's coverage of the Aztec Creative Solutions campaign.


To wrap up the program, the students presented their successes — including a 30% increase in the percentage of SDSU students familiar with Chevrolet vehicles.

“Social Media played a huge role in our campaign," said Daniel Gaona, Aztec Creative Solutions Advertising Manager. "Not only did we get over 74,000 impressions on Facebook, but our campaign broke international barriers by reaching 20 countries throughout the world.”

Each participating school is competing for performance awards available during selected milestones throughout the term. Chevrolet selects the top agency at each milestone and presents an award to each student in that class. The team with the best overall results at the end of the term will receive a netbook.

To learn more about the Aztec Creative Solutions project, contact Marco Cortes at (619) 794-7659.