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Student Profile: An Interview with Brittany Yary

Photo: Brittany Yary@State spoke with 23-year-old senior Brittany Yary, who graduates in December with a double major in Political Science and Integrated Marketing Communications. Bobbie Gray, her Career Services counselor, says "Brittany stands out. She’s been one of our top leaders. We’re all very proud of her."

Yary has accepted a job offer with 3M, and will begin work later this month — just weeks after graduating! Learn about Brittany’s road to success.

  • @State: Why did you choose a double major?
  • Brittany: People ask me that all the time. Two things run the world: business and politics. Integrated Marketing Communications is an emphasis in the college of business that’s about marketing but also advertising and public relations. It’s a well-rounded approach to consumer communication. And I double majored in political science to understand how the world works — I don’t plan on going into politics. For me, political science is something I have a natural interest in.
  • @State: With your diploma coming in the near future, you’ve had several recent interviews and job offers. What did you decide on?
  • Brittany: Just in November, I had 2 job offers. One was with a growing global company, but I accepted a job with 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing).

  • @State: Where will you be working?
  • Brittany: The job won’t be local, and I don’t know where my relocation will be. Most likely it’ll be on the east coast, pretty far from San Diego. I’ve never been to the east coast before. I’ll be working as a sales rep. Right now, I’m going through a pre-employment background check. Sometime in late December, I’ll head for Minneapolis. I’ll be doing my training in Minneapolis and then move to the east coast.
  • @State: Do you have any friends on the east coast?
  • Brittany: No, I don’t know anybody there.
  • @State: How did you hear about the 3M job?
  • Brittany: From Career Services and the College of Business. They emailed students and said if anyone’s interested, there’s an internship program with 3M. I knew I wanted to work for that company. I have a friend who got a job with them last May, and he met them at a Career Fair. I was able to mention my friend during the initial interview. After the interview on campus they flew me to Minnesota for the final interview. I went to Minneapolis for one night, had an interview the next morning, then basically flew right back.
  • @State: Are you nervous about moving so far away to follow a job opportunity, to a place where you don’t have any friends?
  • Brittany: Yes I am nervous! But you have to be open to the best opportunities. You can’t have the mindset that you don’t want to leave San Diego. You cut your opportunities if you limit where you’re willing to go. You have to be open.
  • @State: Will you get a break or any kind of vacation after graduation, before you dive into the working world?
  • Brittany: I might have a week or so . . . around the holidays. And that’s it.
  • @State: This is a big life change. How is your family reacting to your news?
  • Brittany: My parents are very happy and proud that they’ll never have to send me money again. They live in Chino Hills. They’re finally done assisting me in any way. My mom doesn’t want me to leave, so she’s very sad. When I told her, she was like, "You can’t leave your mother." She’s happy for me, and proud, but she’ll miss me.
  • @State: What would you recommend to other students about how to get help from Career Services?
  • Brittany: Check your emails, and don’t delete them. Sometimes there are good opportunities in those emails. Keep an open mind and open eyes and look for opportunities whenever they arise. Career Services is there for you to help you find a career. You’re here ultimately to learn, to get good experiences and background, and to find a job and a future career.
  • @State: What other resources have helped you?
  • Brittany: I like to think I hang out with some of the most amazing students on campus. I’m in the coed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. I joined because they’re very self-motivated and they work hard and want more out their college career. They helped me learn about lots of resources, and they even have an 8-week leadership program where you practice interview skills, resume building, lots of what Career Services does, but more on a student-to-student basis.
  • @State: What would you recommend to other students about getting involved on campus?
  • Brittany: As a business student, there’s so many great business organizations on campus to get involved in, there’s something for everyone. That builds your network. Like the guy who told me about 3M. I used his name in the interview and that helped me. If you join an organization, people bring opportunities to you. “We’re looking for a student to do this.” And there you go. Also, you’re getting your name out there. Reputation is huge. If you’re in a group project and there’s a student that blows it off, I’ll always remember him. Treat everyone well and work hard. Who do you want to be? How do you want people to see you? It’s up to you, and you determine that.
  • @State: How has your SDSU experience prepared you for the “real world” of work and job?
  • Brittany: I definitely feel that through classes and internships and being involved on campus, I’ve learned a lot. You can go to class and get that base knowledge, but when you go out and do extracurriculars and internships, that’s when you gain real world experience.
  • @State: What is your past work experience like?
  • Brittany: I’ve had jobs before, but not so much in a traditional office setting. Through Career Services, I got an internship at Nordstrom — management sales — and I worked at Fast Forward Event Productions, a very small company. This past semester, I had an internship at Konica Minolta, and they are a very traditional office. So I’ve had a range of experience.
  • @State: You’ve also had experience with mentorship through Career Services?
  • Brittany: Yes, I had a mentorship with Bill Holdman of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. I spent one month shadowing him, just hoping to learn. He’s VP of External Affairs and he does outreach – and really, a little bit of everything. I’m interested in politics as well as marketing, so this showed me both sides of his job. I was open to learning anything from him. Things like even how to be and act in an office, the culture, how their team works together. It did give me a very good idea. I sat I on a lot of their meetings for marketing efforts and retention, things like that. I hadn’t really been in that setting before, so I got a better sense of the working world.
  • @State: Talk about an important personal quality that has helped you.
  • Brittany: Being pro-active! I’ve been presented with a lot of opportunities, and I’ve taken advantage of them. If that internship email comes, I go do it. I’d tell other students, if you’re presented with things, take advantage of them. Don’t just say “Oh, maybe I’ll do it later.” You’re here to get going on your career, so use the opportunities.
  • @State: Any final advice to other students who are still working on their degree?
  • Brittany: Work on your network, get involved in campus organizations, utilize Career Services, your professors, everything. Remember to have a balance too, though. Have fun while you’re here!