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Student Union Construction Going Strong

Aztec Student Union construction exterior

Aztec Student Union construction exterior

Aztec Student Union construction interior

Aztec Student Union construction interior

While campus slowed down during the summer, construction on Aztec Student Union kept going strong.

Major developments in the new building include exterior progress – scaffolding disappeared from the northeast, east and south sides of the building once stucco work was completed. Look for more of the same as workers continue to make their way around the building, with scaffolding and stucco finishing off in Goldberg Courtyard.

Crew members have also started pouring concrete for retaining walls, planters and the walkway that will connect the building directly to the pedestrian bridge across College Avenue. Roofing is also coming along nicely, with tilework continuing along the high roofs across the building. Additionally, the dome was installed atop the union’s tower on Aug. 8 and 9.

Inside, the Union’s three floors are in various stages of development. On the first floor, much of the space is dedicated to future tenants, including STA Travel, Aztec Market, and Starbucks. Elsewhere on the first floor, crew members are installing the wooden flooring in Aztec Lanes. Once the flooring is placed, offices and the reception area will be built. After that, all the familiar trappings of bowling alleys will fall into place, from lighting to ball returns.

The second floor includes the new and improved Montezuma Hall and Montezuma Lounge, as well as a 300-seat theater. Crews are installing millwork and wood paneling in Montezuma Hall, while other workers are busy at work with soundproofing materials.

Other areas on the second floor are coming together, including those spaces occupied by Student Affairs that will host resources and programming dedicated to diversity, student organizations and leadership.

On the third floor, crews are hard at work with painting and installing utilities in ARC Express, the satellite fitness center, and in the future Associated Students offices.

Construction of the Aztec Student Union will be completed in December and grand opening activities will take place throughout the spring 2014 semester.