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San Diego State University

Strategic Plan

University Research [Extant]

Goal: Invest funds to strengthen and build infrastructure essential to sustaining scholarly activity and productivity, including planned enhancements of research infrastructure envisioned in the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) report
Divisional Reporting: Academic Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • Investments provide funds for improvements in facilities and equipment, including targeted purchase of shared equipment for faculty research and core facilities. An open call to all colleges resulted in shared equipment and facilities within six colleges. 
  • Investments provide support for multi-disciplinary research. For example, investments support for additional assigned time for faculty to write large, multi-disciplinary grants. A new program was developed and announced to all colleges that offers funds on a competitive basis to provide assigned time at replacement cost to faculty working on larger, collaborative efforts. Funds have been committed to both support faculty assigned time to develop large, cross-disciplinary grants as well as matching funds required to be competitive for large training grants. Personnel from Research Advancement are providing additional support with grant writing and budget development for cross-disciplinary grants, e.g. a recently submitted NSF proposal co-written by 2 areas of excellence: Climate Change and Sustainability and Human Dynamics in a Mobile Age. 
  • Investments provide funds for equipment, assigned time and to implement a pre-grant review process. A working group was formed in Fall 2013, utilizing the extant URC committee, and adding additional members. Based on recommendations of the NCURA report, new software solutions for electronic proposal routing and time sheets have been purchased, implemented or are undergoing implementation to increase the efficiency and ease of research administration on campus. A new export control position has been filled to help faculty and colleges understand and comply with new federal export control regulations and procedures. 

2013/2014 Working Group Report 

Note: documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view; download Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

Committee Members

Chair:  Stephen Welter, (Chair) Graduate and Research Affairs

    • Ed Beasley, College of Arts and Letters
    • Mark Wheeler, College of Arts and Letters
    • Robert Briggs, College of Business Administration
    • Marilee Bresciani,College of Education
    • Sam Kassengne, College of Engineering
    • Tracy Love-Geffen, College of Health and Human Services
    • Wayne Beach, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts
    • Todd Anderson, College of Sciences
    • Sanford Bernstein, College of Sciences
    • Doug Grotjahn, College of Sciences
    • Claire Murphy, College of Sciences
    • Ramona Perez, College of Sciences
    • Rick Sayen, College of Sciences
    • Peter van der Geer, College of Sciences
    • Kathy Williams, College of Sciences
    • Rick Gulizia, Graduate and Research Affairs
    • Jessica Rentto, Administration (Business and Financial Affairs)
    • Debbie Brighton, SDSU Research Foundation
    • Michele Goetz, SDSU Research Foundation
    • Tim Hushen, SDSU Research Foundation
    • Tommy Martindale, SDSU Research Foundation
    • Bob Wolfson, SDSU Research Foundation
    • TBD, Associated Students Representative
    • TBD, Associated Students Representative