Monday, June 18, 2018

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SDSU Statement on A.S. Vote Regarding Aztec Identity

By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University issued the following statement about tonight's vote by Associated Students (A.S.) regarding the removal of the Aztec mascot and phasing out the use of the Aztec identity:

San Diego State University has a long and successful tradition of shared governance. As such, when a policy issue arises, the university engages in a broader discussion of the issue through the appropriate and responsible democratically-elected body (e.g., Associated Students, University Senate, etc.).

Associated Students' University Council recently engaged in their resolution process and voted against the proposed resolution regarding SDSU’s Aztec identity. We appreciate the thoughtful consideration our student leaders have given the issue.

A similar resolution has also been proposed to the University Senate and is expected to go through its own policy discussion process in the fall. It is important to SDSU that all viewpoints regarding the university’s Aztec identity are given the opportunity to be respectfully heard and carefully considered.


Over the years, SDSU’s Aztec identity has been examined through our deliberative shared governance processes, including as recently as 2014 when A.S. voted 24-1 to maintain the current status.

The university went through a broadly based, thorough and thoughtful process in 2000-2003, to study, discuss and revise the university logo and mascot in a manner that is a fitting and appropriate affiliation with Aztec culture and history.

That process – led by a task force of students, faculty, staff, alumni and experts in Aztec culture – provided important guidelines on how best to represent Aztec traditions, build communal spirit and honor specific facets of Aztec culture. The changes were overwhelmingly confirmed in a student referendum then, and again confirmed by an A.S. resolution in 2006.