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International Shipping

Contact the Export Control in advance for assistance in determining whether a specific license is required, securing a license when needed, and advice on what records need to be maintained in cases where the item can be shipped without a license.

Do not ship or hand carry any commodity, software, or technology outside the U.S. without first checking to see if it is a controlled item and requires a license. There are two main 'lists' of controlled items that need to be reviewed: the EAR Commerce Control List and the ITAR U.S. Munitions List.

Secure license approval or verify a license exception prior to shipment for all controlled items.

Licenses to ship an item outside the United States are required even when the item or equipment is used in or results from fundamental research.

If a commodity is controlled under ITAR, then a license is always required before it can be shipped to any country outside the United States, more than 12 nautical miles by sea, or over the border, except in limited circumstances such as shipment to a military base overseas. Licenses are also required to import such items.

For commodities controlled under EAR, whether a license is required depends upon the country to which the item is being shipped. Even in cases where license approval from the U.S. Department of Commerce is not required to ship the item to the country, there are administrative requirements and records that must be maintained regarding shipments of EAR controlled items out of the United States.

Export Control can advise on licensing requirements.

Physical Shipments and Technical Data Transfers Outside the United States

Physical shipments or data transfers to other countries will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine export classification (ECCN or ITAR category), export licensing requirements or license exceptions and any required Automated Export System (AES) filing for shipments valued over $2500. Additionally all ship to parties and end users should be screened against the consolidated screening lists of restricted parties or entities requiring an export license for some or all exports ( If the items to be transferred include any nuclear, chemical, biological weapons or military end use there may be a prohibition on shipment or specific export license requirements.

Export Control can review the item to be shipped or transferred and perform the restricted party screening to determine export license requirements and any additional international trade documents required for shipment.

Recordkeeping Requirements

Export regulations require that records be maintained for a period of 5 years from the date of export.

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