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San Diego State University

leadership starts here

Discovery Starts Here
SDSU is one of the top 100 public research universities in the nation, offering 24 doctoral programs and netting more than $130 million in grants and contracts annually.

SDSU students and faculty are scholars, educators, and researchers. San Diego has long been a hub of innovation on many levels: biomedical sciences, military defense, public health, engineering, water science, climate change, social policy, and more. SDSU researchers work alongside one another, with students, and in partnership with industry and faculty from neighboring universities to help the region and the world tackle some of the biggest issues of our day. 

Learn more about SDSU's research enterprise.

Path to Excellence

SDSU's new areas of research, known as Areas of Excellence

Mobilizing the expertise of its faculty, SDSU is building new areas of research distinction. Read more about SDSU Areas of Excellence

Back from the Arctic

Forest Rohwer and Steven Quistad in the ocean

Back from a National Geographic Pristine Seas Expedition in the Arctic, SDSU researchers talk about what they discovered. Read more about SDSU discoveries